TODAY   |  February 03, 2014

Obama defends policies to Bill O’Reilly

Obama is speaking out in the face of criticism over Benghazi, the IRS, and the new healthcare website. In a sometimes contentious interview with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, he said he tries to focus “not on the fumbles, but on the next plan.”

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>>> president obama 's defending himself in the face of criticism over benghazi, irs, and the new health care website. and a contentious interview with bill o 'reilly. he says he tries not to focus on the fumbles, but the next plan.

>> you're saying no corruption?

>> no.

>> none?

>> there were some bonehead decisions.

>> but no mass corruption?

>> not even mass corruption, not a smidgen of corruption.

>> okay.

>> the president said, some people thought he sought to down