TODAY   |  January 29, 2014

Easy home repair: Quiet a creaky door in minutes

Men’s Health Magazine contributor Carter Oosterhouse shows TODAY how to get home repairs done if you’re short on time. Take care of that noisy door, fix a leaky shower head, and reseal a bathroom seam in a matter of minutes.

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>>> have you been putting off calling a handyman to fix those problems around the house because you know it's going to cost a lot of time, a lot of money?

>> carter has easy diy fixes for us this morning. a contributor to "men's health" magazine. always good to see you, man.

>> thanks for having me. appreciate it.

>> start with one particularly annoying. you've got a five-minute fix for a creeky door.

>> five minutes maybe two minutes. creaky door, whether it's a bedroom door. simple things . the culprits are usually the hinges. go after those first, get some wd40. basically just put a little bit -- you don't actually even have to loosen the hinge a little bit. put a little on the hinge. if that doesn't do the trick, and again, there's only three or four hinges at the most, take a simple hammer and a smaller screwdriver, tap this pin out, which will come out pretty simple. and get any of that gunk or corrosion on there. you can get that off, use a wire brush or a rag. and once you get that off, usually that should take care of it. simple, five minutes, and then you won't hear it.

>> keep some wd40 around.

>> the other thing annoying is the drip, drip, drip. the leaky shower head, right? you got a fix for that, too.

>> about 80% of the time the shower head drip comes from where the pipe comes out of the wall on to the shower head. you want to get the shower head off. usually put a little bit of vinyl tape around the shower head itself before you apply the wrench to it just like that. and then you use the wrench so you don't scuff up your shower head. and get your shower head off. and usually there's an o-ring right inside here. you find that ring and pop that out with a little screwdriver and you want to get, again, the corrosion, the crud off that o-ring. if you need to replace it, take this o-ring back into the hardware store, find another one, put it right back in, and simply screw it back on. now, before you put this on, you want to use teflon tape , as well. put it on to the thread, get this old teflon tape off and screw it back on. and --

>> really seals it.

>> so it really seals it. and before you know it, that will do the trick. like i said, about 70%, 80% of the time, the leak comes from this connection.

>> keep it in the bathroom, cracked or peeling seams around the sink or bathtub.

>> it's a gross and problem with hygiene, right?

>> one thing is bad bacteria can live in here. and of course, mold can live in here, too, and we don't want to have that growth. because, of course, health problems, asthma, what not. these cracks in seams whether it's where the faucet or the vanity meets the back wall or whether it's where the faucet -- i'm sorry the faucet itself is where it meets the sink. what you want to do is just get caulk, you can use silicone, as well. and run a bead of caulk on the backside from the vanity to the wall. and what that is going to do is going to seal up so water can't penetrate behind the sink itself. and then, if there's any excess, you wipe off, go around the house because everybody puts holes in the walls where there's mirrors or little cracks just like on this frame we have here and then you can simply seal those up. there's always excess caulk when you do these jobs.

>> the mirror is a way to add to the look and putting a frame around it.

>> yeah. so lots of times people have mirrors in their bathroom, their vanity, they just don't have a frame around it. have them cut up four pieces of simple molding, paint the backside of it black and simply add a little bit of what is called liquid nails and add it to the backside just like so. thank you. and then you can simply apply it to the mirror itself and literally maybe put some tape around it so it stays up there, let it sit for 24 hours , you have a nice frame around your bathroom mirror.

>> very cool. got all that?

>> got it all.

>> there'll be a test later.

>> carter, thanks so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> coming up next, kathie lee and hoda.

>> yes.

>> what do you ladies have coming up?