TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

Are you an ‘emotional eater’? There’s a book for that

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstorm guides us through some of the newest and best diet books to help you choose the plan that fits your diet style.

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>>> days into the new year, and if you're already thinking about abandoning your resolution to lose weight , don't lose hope just yet. "today" diet and nutrition editor madeline fernstrom has been reading all the new diet books. she found something that can fit and help people. good morning.

>> good morning. we actually polled our viewers to ask them what kind of dieter are you. what did we find?

>> we found when we looked at four different categories. everything is not the same. either step by step , emotional eating , fitness focus or an anti-diet approach is about 40% of people said, you know, i'm sick of a regular plan. i want to make my own thing and get my own lifestyle. which is good, but we're going to cover all the basic categories . you've got to eat less and move a little more. if you find a book that speaks to you, you're more likely to stick with it.

>> let's do step by step . these are people who want to know, tell me everything i have to eat and i'm going to stick to it by the book, so to speak.

>> a plan that tells you here's what you need to do every day. we look at the every other day diet. that's our first one. it's alternating days you eat 500 calories and go to about 1,600 calories. if that doesn't sound good to you, that doesn't sound like a lot. it's basically a meal a day and fruits and vegetables. but one way to do it. it alternates every other day. perfectly safe. and everything we're doing is no quick fixes and sound science .

>> now, no guarantees you're going to look like the cover of this book, but gives you an eating plan, six days of good structure and one where you have a little extra. fitness from managing stress, a little bit of everything, ways to keep track of things. all in one volume if that's for you. and then we have one, one, one. one carbohydrate, one fat, and one protein at each meal. but you have lists of what counts as one.

>> i was going to say, pasta, ice cream .

>> second category is the fitness category. people who would rather concentrate on working out than what they're eating every day.

>> right. and word of caution here, if you don't want to trim calories, it's unlikely to lose weight . but fitness is important to help jump start and keep you feeling good. we have get skinny again. this is actually a great volume for people who had the weight creep. if you've got 20 or 30 pounds to lose, ways to get back in shape. fit at last is the thinking person's approach. what's your fitness personality? do you like to run by yourself? a group? because you'll stick with it. and strategies for that. then the no gym? no problem, do it yourself. i like this because you don't have to have a gym, to fancy equipment. using things around the house and being outside.

>> so much of weight loss is what's going on up here. you've got a set of books for the emotional eater.

>> the emotional eater. you're a walking encyclopedia. how to get in touch with that emotional self. what are you hungry for? looking at weight loss for people who feel too much. when you take problems and internalize them and run to the refrigerator try and feed your hungry heart as well as marie antoinette diet. how to do that. and this is a lifestyle. put emotional eating because french women have a good mindset to keep it in balance.

>> and the category our viewers fell into the most. the no diet group. tell us about these books.

>> this is the antidiet approach. tired of all these plans, can't separate myth from fact and giving you sound principles and i can make my own plan, which is great if you're at that point. and our viewers really like that. the diet fix, why diets fail. this speaks to people that go, i don't want to have a lot of different rules. tell me basics i can plan myself. the anti-diet. this is great because those ten-minute things to do in eating, activity, stress management you can pluck into your program every day. and finally, no excuses diet. sort of the idea of get your lifestyle into it, your head into it. it gives people, you know, some empowerment.

>> all right.

>> whatever works for you.

>> you've done your duty, you don't have to read diet books for another three months.