TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

Freezing temperatures continue to drop

TODAY’s Al Roker and The Weather Channel managing editor Sam Champion provide a winter storm update and say temperatures are continuing to drop on the East Coast due to an “arctic express.”

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>> you've seen a lot of reporters out there with their rulers or yardsticks to get the snow totals. we've got al roker with the official word.

>> records falling back and forth up and down the eastern sea board. d.c. with 3.8, baltimore, 5.3. philadelphia, 13 1/2, first time they've had three 6 plus inches of snow. and here's the snow right now, dylan still in it. it's going to hang out. bring at least another 3 to 6 inches from south of boston all the way down to nantucket. and much colder weather coming in here. as we were talking about the polar vortex . this is not the main branch of it. it basically right now makes its way down south, we've got the jet stream down there. this is a piece of the polar vortex that's going to push these cold temperatures on in here. as it does, look at these windchills, 28 below it'll feel like in chicago, 6 above in pittsburgh, new york it feels like 3, and then during the day tomorrow or this afternoon, 4 in new york city , cleveland, 9 below, feels like 43 below down in minneapolis, and it even gets down south. look at this, right now for today, atlanta , 32 a windchill of 18. that's where we find my good friend and my weather channel colleague sam champion . and those rosy cheeks and nose i don't think has anything to do with rouge.

>> reporter: al, frozen, not rosy. you know this area, centennial olympic park , we here in atlanta cool off in the water that is now shut down in these colder temperatures. we've got the windchills down in the deep south . and let's go over that again. al just showed you, talking about that arctic express for lack of a better expression. look at the east coast and the west coast , everything you see green there is all warm and happy. but on the eastern seaboard , we're dropping these temperatures. al showed you that 39 degrees in atlanta on wednesday, 64 in miami, barely getting into the 60s even in the deep south . they're a hard freeze. watches and warnings out for the gulf coast into florida, as well. those temperatures are cold. if you look later on in the week and you may think there's a warm-up coming, there isn't. reinforcing shots of cold air coming through here. and that means ahead of each shot, you might get a chance to warm up, maybe 73 in miami on sunday, but i really see, al, and i think you do, too, this opportunity for the cold air to get in here and stay in here for a while.

>> sam, thank you so much. we'll check in with you in a little bit. let's go to massachusetts. they're driving there live. and you can see what this is like on the east end of massachusetts. it is rough going, slow going, it's a tough slog. and because this is such a light, fluffy snow. we're talking about snow generally 1 to 10 inches usually for the ratio. this is 15 to 20 inches of snow for every 1 inch of precipitation. and we're going to have more clippers coming across. that means more snow. and not to be ominous, guys, but coming up on super bowl sunday, talk about a nexus, groundhogs's day and the super bowl .

>> on the same day.

>> they're going to play the third quarter six or seven