TODAY   |  January 20, 2014

UN: Iran has halted most uranium work

As part of a landmark deal struck with world powers, Iran has halted its most sensitive uranium enrichment work, as confirmed by the United Nations.

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>>> on to a big story out of iran . well the u.n. nuclear agencies is confirming that iran has halted the enrichment work as part of the landmark deal it struck.

>> good morning, natalie. the u.n. inspectors are reporting today that iran has indeed complied with the ground-breaking commitment to stop enriching uranium for nuclear fuel . inspectors are now in iran , basically unplugging nuclear equipment at key facilities. european foreign ministers , now, are meeting already in brussels this morning to approve an easing of sanctions on iran immediately. the u.s. is expected to follow suit. in all, about $7 billion of $100 billion of sanctions will be eased for six months while iran and the west try to work out a permanent deal. on another front, the u.n. has overnight invited iran to take part in peace talks in switzerland. the u.s. objects to iran joining the talks until it commits to the removal of president assad. if iran does come to these talks, the syrian opposition may boycott the meeting.

>> andrea mitchell following all the developments in washington this morning.