TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

TODAY visits ‘one of the best places to work’

For 10 years in a row, SAS, a North Carolina-based software developer, has been voted one of the best companies to work for. NBC’s Kerry Sanders talks with its CEO about why he puts so much importance on creating a comfortable workplace for his employees.

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>>> what could be the very best place in the world to work, present employer excluded. it's called sass. for ten straight years it's made fortune's list of the top companies to work for in america. and we set out to find out what they're doing right.

>> reporter: what if where you worked you were entertained with live music as you ate at one of four company cafes, your salad so fresh they're grown right on the property? and the boss encouraged you to eat lunch with your kids.

>> you miss out a lot of times when you're a working parent.

>> reporter: this may not sound like any company you've ever heard of where there are gyms and pools and a solar farm where sheep cut the grass. and where not one employee is crammed into a cubicle. everyone here gets an office. at sass --

>> it's my job to get them to want to come back in the morning.

>> reporter: today with more than 14,000 employees world wide, it uses computer software to analyze data for big companies. and it's the benefits that the company provides that make the employees happy. myron chandler drops off his 3-year-old son at an on-campus day care center .

>> he's as you right here. can i walk over and see how he is and get back to work.

>> and employees have no set hours and sick days are unlimited. and for those who might feel under the weather, free clinics with free prescriptions. the company says the average employee is out sick only four days a year. there's even a salon for on-site haircuts and a place to get your watch repaired. this approach has led to profits in the billions, with less than a 3% employee turnover .

>> so people eventually leave?

>> when they're ready to retire.

>> but they don't quit?

>> very seldom.

>> because?

>> well, i guess they're happy here.

>> and how many people can say they're happy at work?

>> do they have a morning show ?

>> and where do we send our resum?s?

>> it's nice here at nbc but that's unbelievable.

>> hold on a second. i think carson has something to say about that.

>> we put it out to people and asked them if they could have one perk, what would it be? overwhelmingly most people wanted to go to work to sleep, nap pods. "i wish my company had flex hours so i could utilize the three-day weekend." and "i have one word for you backrubs." and valet cleaning and allowing pets in the office. back to you guys.

>> we were smelling waffles and bacon.

>> it's that new candle.