TODAY   |  January 14, 2014

Should babies be banned from fancy restaurants?

Chef Grant Achatz sparked an online discussion when he tweeted about a crying 8-month-old in his upscale restaurant, with many agreeing with his stance that babies and toddlers should be banned from ritzy eateries.

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>> this one is getting a lot of attention on twitter. controversy about a couple of decisions to bring a little baby to a high-end restaurant and the chef's public response. here's what happened. it was a three-star michelin restaurant in chicago where dinners cost about $200 a person. so it is high-end. a couple brings in the baby, it cries, babies cry. and here's what the chef tweeted afterwards.

>> table brings 8-month-old, diners mad, tell people no kids? subject diners to crying? hate saying no, but -- does he have a point? some people have chimed in on facebook. laurie wrote, yes, hire a babysitter. if you have money for a high-end restaurant, you have money for a babysitter. on the other side of the coin, a viewer wrote, how do we teach our children to behave in public if we don't expose them to it? who's right here?

>> interesting. what do you think, matt? you've got kids.

>> and i've taken them rarely, on one occasion traveling to a foreign place. we didn't know a babysitter so we took them to the restaurant, but when he started acting up, we took him out of the restaurant.

>> i think it's age. 8 months is very young to take a baby to a high-end restaurant. two 3-year-olds, we do it all the time.

>> it's a different system. apparently you pay before you go because it's a high-end place. for the reservations. so maybe their babysitter canceled.

>> and you go early. that's what we used to do