TODAY   |  January 11, 2014

‘It’s been remarkable’: Bryan Cranston on ‘Breaking Bad’

At 57 years old, the actor Bryan Cranston has just about done it all, but he has yet to win a Golden Globe. He’s hoping that’s about to change. Access Hollywood's Billy Bush interviews Cranston.

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>>> the 71st annual " golden globes " air tomorrow night on nbc, and there's no doubt many people are rooting for " breaking bad " to win big. the tale about a meth dealer ended its last season. and bryan cranston is up for best actor in a tv drama series. " access hollywood 's" billy bush caught up with cranston.

>> this is it, right, best year in your career?

>> i was very lucky to get a really strong role on "argo," which won the oscar. i won the s.a.g. award for " breaking bad ," and we won the emmy for " breaking bad ." it was, yeah, it has been remarkable.

>> reporter: remarkable indeed.

>> chemistry is the study of matter.

>> reporter: " breaking bad " about a terminally ill high school chemistry teacher turned meth cook has now ended its six-season run. bryan cranston 's portrayal of walter white and his alter ego heisenberg is one for the ages, one of the darkest and most memorable characters ever.

>> say my name.

>> the german of the idea for " breaking bad " is that this man is going to go on a journey and become worse and worse as a human being . will the audience completely shut off or will they go on this horrible journey with him? and they did.

>> reporter: the final episode had a record-shattering 10.3 million viewers, an amazing end for a cable series that in the beginning struggled to find an audience. the critics were on board from the start, though. so, after all the accolades, it's amazing bryan cranston has never won a golden globe . you have won three emmys in a r r row. the hollywood foreign press and the golden globes has shut you out! what do we make of this?

>> i'm invited to the party. i like that. if i win, yeah, that be great, it'd be really terrific.

>> do you want to win?

>> yeah. i used to say, no, no, no. i was nominated several times on " malcolm in the middle ." i didn't win any. so, after a few times, it's like, okay, now i want to win! i don't want to just go to the party, i want to be able to dance.

>> reporter: and if bryan cranston can finally dance at the "globes" sunday night, it will have been a long time coming. at 57, he's just about done it all, including something about 30 years ago. i found this. you're a man, you're building a career. you sold this beautifully.

>> now you can relieve flaming hemorrhoidal tissue with preparation h. just to keep you grounded, bryan.

>> i was 26, 27, i guess, when i did that? and i thought, at least i'm the expert. i'm not the one with hemorrhoids. because i draw the line there.

>> that is a quote.