TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Golden Globes preview: Expert’s top picks

Dave Karger, the host of Fandango’s "Frontunners," gives TODAY his favorites in the major categories for the big awards show this weekend.

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>>> angeles. for sunday night's golden globes here on nbc. the stars will be out in force. but who will win the coveted awards? here with his predictions, dave carter . are you ready to go out on a limb?

>> i am. egg on my face maybe on monday, but we'll go for it.

>> we won't remind you. yes, we will. best drama. what are the contenders?

>> a two-way race between 12 years of slave which got the most nominations and also "gravity." i think "12 years of slave" because it has the big sprawling cast, i would give that the edge, but also that some of the hollywood foreign press don't love the movie so much. and when there's only 85 people, a couple votes can swing it one way or the other. so my pick is "12 years of slave" but i wouldn't be surprised if "gravity" takes it.

>> what about best actor in a drama?

>> i think the star of "12 years of slave." not many people knew him or knew how to pronounce his name.

>> they do now.

>> this will position him as a front-runner for the oscar. but also, "dallas buyers club."

>> best actress , you have a surprise here.

>> blue jasmine. i think she's going to dominate the awards season. i think she'll win at the oscars. she hasn't been campaigning because she's been in australia working, but i think she's going to make a big appearance and that's going to set her on pace to win everything.

>> so the globes are a little odd. they have the best drama category and then the best comedy category, which the movies are kind of comedies in this category?

>> in the past, actual comedies have been nominated for best comedies like "the hangover," which won a couple of years ago. this year, it's kind of like in the middle ground movies. and the foremost one is " american hustle ." that got tons of nominations. the whole cast was nominated. it's coming on strong in the awards season.

>> who do you think takes the awards in comedy section?

>> you've got leonardo dicaprio and christian bale , they're the two front runners . my vote is leo. and for best actress , i think

it's meryl streep for "august: osage county ." if there's an upset, it's amy adams for american hustle . they made "doubt" and "julie and julia."

>> how wonderful for amy adams to share it with meryl streep . preview to tina and amy. some say they're the real stars of the night.

>> they killed last year. i'm hearing their opening is very spectacular this year and they've been working on it for weeks. i cannot wait to see who they make fun of. i remember the great jokes at the expense of james cameron . they can get away with stuff no one else can get away with. there's something about the grins --

>> they're sharp but not unkind.

>> perfect hosts.

>> well, i've written down all your predictions, dave, see you back here monday.

>> thanks.

>> and you can catch all the excitement right here on nbc starting with our golden