TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

First major storm of the year hits East Coast

High winds, frigid temperatures and a lot of snow hit the East Coast overnight, and cities are scrambling to manage the impact. NBC’s Ron Mott reports from Boston.

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>> impacting a huge section of the country all the way up into new england. ron mott is in boston , massachusetts, they have gotten a ton of snow there. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning to you. it's still snowing. i can't believe this. it stopped for a few hours between 3:00. i was up at 3:00 and it was not snowing as hard as it is now. but this has been going over 24 hours for the most part. officially yesterday in boston , a record 10.6 inches. right about now here downtown, we're thinking the total is about 14 inches. i live on the northshore. we're closer to two feet up there. when it stops snowing, we'll be left with all the snow and very bitter cold.

>> the roads are still terrible. people are still driving like bad drivers.

>> reporter: in chicago, the season's first major storm got even these experienced weather warriors that didn't expect the snow so soon after the new year.

>> i didn't think anything was actually going to come and i woke up this morning and i was like, you have to be kidding me.

>> reporter: in maryland, truck drivers decided to play it safe riding out the storm on the side of the road instead of getting stuck on it.

>> i'd rather be on the side of the road than run into anybody.

>> reporter: in connecticut, the bitter temperatures were the lowest in 18 years.

>> it is very cold. tough to pump your gas in this weather.

>> reporter: in new york city , for residents and visitors in the city that never sleeps , the snow slowed down their pace just three days after millions watched the ball drop, times square looking like a ghost town . overnight today viewers tweeted their views sending pictures of how they weather the storm and here in the boston area , the storm is leaving many wondering what kind of winter is in store.

>> it's new england. who thought that was going to happen?

>> reporter: on the southshore of boston they have blizzard conditions overnight. they had surf coming off the ocean. really nasty conditions down there. temperatures, bitter today. right now in boston , it's about 3 degrees with a wind chill anywhere from minus 10 to minus 20. minus 25 in some areas. it's nasty out here. almost vacant downtown today. a lot of folks are staying home. enjoy the weekend. back down to new york city and you.

>> before we start complaining about standing out for 10 minutes , ron has been out for the better part of 30 hours now in boston . thank you very much.