TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé stood out in 2013

New York Magazine contributor Julie Klausner presents the top 13 standout moments in pop culture from 2013, from the wild antics of Miley Cyrus to Beyoncé’s banner year.

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>>> we're back with 13 stand out moments in pop culture for 2013 . here to take us through them is contributor, julie. happy new year.

>> happy new year.

>> we get to see this stuff.

>> exactly.

>> let's start with someone, love her, hate her, it doesn't matter. everyone talked about miley cyrus in 2013 .

>> who? i'm sorry, miley cyrus .

>> why did she have so much attention?

>> she had a stand out moment at the vmas this year. she twerked. she took her clothes off. everybody is still talking about her. she seems to have a good group of people around her influencing her and she is incredibly famous.

>> do you think we'll be talking about her new year's eve 2014 ?

>> i think if we had she has to figure out something besides shock value. we have already seen her naked and you look at lady gaga who could show up in a meat dress now and nobody would look at it.

>> she can figure that out then.

>> we're also looking at music, justin timberlake , best selling album of the year. beyonce to close out the year. what did she sell? over half a million of that album in three days.

>> yeah and in the middle of the night . he released the record thursday at midnight with no notice what so ever. people freaked out. she crashed itunes and it goes to show in the age of social media , you don't need a publicist if you're beyonce.

>> let's talk about three other things we talked about in the year. there was the harlem shake . we even got involved with that around here.

>> i'm sorry.

>> kcronuts. so are we. everybody talked about selfies.

>> yeah. selfies are the short hand manifestation of narcissism on the internet. you can't get more direct than a photo of your face. and the other benefit of it to people that are perhaps self-absorbed is you can get a photo of yourself but you control how you look and that's like crack cocaine to certain people.

>> never heard it described that way.

>> notable personalities from 2013 , jennifer lawrence had a great year. of course winning an oscar, two big movie releases. perhaps a year that paula deen might rather forget.

>> yes.

>> but looking into 201, can she make a comeback.

>> let's ask the guy from duck dynasty. he is doing well on the rebound. what happened with paula deen is she was dropped by three companies this year. she had a terrible scandal she had to recover from but her fans were still with her. her cookbook became a best seller . america loves a second act and we'll see what this year brings for her. but you're right.

>> a royal baby overseas and then we had a royal baby here in kim and kanye's baby northwest. why stand out?

>> north west is first of all, a very cute baby and second of all you're dealing with a child that was so anticipated from two huge super stars . two months after she was born, kris jenner showed photos and two months after that kim kardashian did us the favor of showing us what she looks like in a swim suit . she still looks fantastic.

>> unexpected losses during the year as well. what stands out to you?

>> we lost james gandolfini this year and paul walker and cory monteith who received a heartfelt good-bye on glee. these were people taken to us that were beloved and before their time. it was something that everybody felt in a very emotional way, these are beloved celebrities.

>> they are and her tweet about that is one of the most retweeted tweets of the year. we said good-bye to tv shows and we also started binge watching. what was the biggest show we binge watch?

>> house of cards and orange is the new black. but beyond netflix, binge watching was something you could do even if you weren't lazy or clinically depressed. you could hang out on the weekend and catch up on every episode of the show you might have missed.

>> thank you.

>> happy new year.