TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Anchors list their top 10 stories of 2013

From the Boston Marathon bombings to the death of Nelson Mandela, Jordon Roth of breaks down the top 10 stories of 2013 as voted by users. TODAY’s Matt Lauer and returning TODAY veterans Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumbel present their own lists as well.

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>>> events that shaped the world in 2013 . we teamed up with the social networking site that specialized in top 10 lists to get your take on the news making moments of the year. jordan is the founder. nice to see you.

>> happy holidays.

>> thank you very much.

>> big day here on today.

>> people love top 10 lists. do you get a lot of responses to this?

>> we got tons of responses and the list we're going to show you is the aggregate so far. people can continue to come to and find their voice.

>>> number ten, the event that everybody said should make the list was wendy davis defending abortion rights .

>> people felt like if we had more leaders willing to stand for what's right, might just get somewhere.

>> number nine, we have the syrian chemical weapon as tack. as number eight, the birth of the royal baby, that had to make the list somewhere.

>> people were captivated by this. one person said it was a rebirth of everything that died with princess diana .

>> number seven, the george zimmerman verdict. number six the debacle with the health care roll out. that made a lot of headlines this year and number five the federal government shutdown.

>> yeah but i called it the gop shutdown.

>> i know you did.

>> i thought it was false to say it was a failure of government. it wasn't. it was a few individuals trying to extort the government.

>> a lot of our users put a lot of blame on the republicans.

>> number four, the supreme court decision on gay marriage . more on that in a second. number three, you have pope francis election. obvious choice.

>> huge optimism from believers and nonbelievers alike.

>> number two, the boston marathon bombings and the number one event of 2013 was --

>> edward snowden. he changed the public discourse this year. people felt he was the lone gunman at the center of the story of the year.

>> now we were asked to compile our own lists over the weekend and see how they compared. jane, let's start with yours and we'll put it up in it's entirety. where did you differ?

>> well, i deviated from the rules a little bit in that i put the economic recovery on my list down at number eight. it was a slow moving event, not a moment. i figured this was the year the recovery stood up and walked. and maybe a lot of people don't feel it yet and most people are not invested in the stock market i think the historic highs on the stock market were like the exclamation point.

>> and then you also have the bipartisan budget deal.

>> well i had that because who could have guessed that. my kids, i thought this was interesting, they all would have put marriage equality number one.

>> number one.

>> bryant, let's take a look at your list. you have six out of ten.

>> i had marriage equality in there also but i was surprised that people didn't put the typhoon.

>> it just didn't rise to the top ten.

>> and i also put nelson mandela in there. he maybe the last global hero we'll see.

>> not that i don't think anything but the best of him, there had been so many false alarms i didn't put it in there. you also went with a couple of sports story.

>> i thought the super bowl black out was a big deal but the rivera think i thought similwas all that was good in sports i. was a special moment.

>> for me, i put the boston bombings at number one. the reason is because they managed after the bombing to shutdown a major american city. people didn't go out. people didn't go to work. down low, i put down the auburn/alabama finish. i thought if people were debating whether it was the greatest sports finish ever, you had to put it on the list. and number ten on my list, thanks miley, finding out that nobody over 40 has sex.

>> i'm a twerk away from 40.

>> if you haven't been on there check it out. it's a lot of fun. you can help contribute to the site.

>> thank you so much.

>> happy new year.