TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Delta to honor cheap fares after system glitch

The airline said that it will honor the lowered airline ticket prices that customers snagged after a computer glitch incorrectly priced the fares. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> it's happened again, a computer hiccup lowers airline tickets so much that some customers thought there must be a catch. kerry sanders is standing by at the delta airlines terminal in fort lauderdale , florida. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. it was just a glitch or maybe somebody in the delta airlines it department wanted to keep the holiday weekend going and give a few more of santa's presents but passengers were able to book tickets at unheard of prices. delta airlines called their holiday message the cheer card.

>> ladies and gentlemen , fasten your seat belts.

>> reporter: but the real cheer were from those that hit on the unplanned price drop at delta airlines . customers served between 9:30 a.m . eastern and noon found santa still delivering presents.

>> i got new york to puerto rico for $77 round trip . that's amazing.

>> reporter: usual price for that trip, $308. jason herbert snagged a round ship new york to vegas for $81. usually it's $741.

>> i was in complete shock. i was like, oh my god. wow. for me to get it for $81. merry christmas for me.

>> reporter: it took minutes for folks to boast on switer and the rush was on. keeley wood posted christmas miracle alert. just bought a round trip 60 for $46. me too, raleigh to philly for $35. i spoke with a rep on the phone and she said if you purchase them they'll honor the prices. she saw tickets from indianapolis to honolulu for only $70. first class, $88. that's a $3,396 ticket. she writes i feel like i won the lottery, committed grand larceny . just three points highers ago a similar glitch hit united airlines website. united honored every ticket and delta says it will now too. jamie who works at travelzoo calls her trip to puerto rico a baby moon. last big trip before giving birth.

>> it made for a lovely postchristmas gift for us.

>> reporter: delta will not say how many tickets it sold. call me suspicious but at first i thought it might be a marketing campaign but delta assures me this was a costly unplanned mistake.

>> it would be an expensive self- marketing campaign .

>> it would be.

>> have you ever loved a computer glitch so much.

>> we were playing how much for first price to honolulu?