TODAY   |  December 12, 2013

How to clean up the Christmas mess

Check out these easy solutions for cleaning up after the holidays, including the best way to remove wine stains from upholstery.

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>> over for the holidays, there are bound to be a few mess, spilled wine, perhaps, a sustained tablecloth or food on your rug.

>> it hams, editor-in-chief of shop smart magazine. lisa, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let's slide into this. this is christmas tree sap. we all deal with this.

>> this isn't as bad. a lot of sustains, you probably have everything you need around if house to deal with every holiday stain. this one, for example, all you need is rubbing alcohol .

>> and a little elbow grease .

>> it literally will dissolve the tree sap . get a fresh cloth. it comes out. it is starting to dissolve. it may take a few minutes.

>> if it's on fab breck or something you are concerned about. you might want to take a test on the oge of it. follow with warm water, wash it out.

>> artificial christmas tree , you take it out after a year, there is dust all over it.

>> you want to do here, get your good old vacuum out, take the hoerksz cover it with the hose. everyone probably has some of these sitting around the house whether you wear them or not. take a rubberband. tie it around there, secure it.

>> you do that so you are not sucking up the 33.

>> you are not damaging the tree. you want to work from the top down. make sure you have a cloth underneath it. turn it on.

>> that's a brilliant idea. you can use it for a real tree . it won't suck up the needles. you can use it on house plants .

>> that's a great use for that.

>> a huge one.

>> i love this being the sloppy ween drefrg eat the party.

>> it's upsetting. it's not a big deal if you catch it fast. all you need is an egg dropper and hydrogen per oxide. make sure it's fresh. you don't want an old bottle. cake, use an eye dropper or pour some on. you can see it already. it just starts to come out.

>> it breaks up the color.

>> it is braking it up.

>> it's an easy mag little trek. you got to catch it fast. you have to do it right away or else you might have trouble.

>> if you spilled it on a dress, would you use hydrogen per oxide?

>> test on a corner. sometimes the sustains are too hard to handle. let start over here with the lip stick. this is upsetting. people put it on your nap kens. this actually takes a while to get out. you probably already have nail polish remover. make sure it's non-acetone type, it's the acetone time. you don't want the moisturizing type that has oils in it. take a towel, a clean towel, dip it in the acetone. this might take about 15 minutes , this is not a quick procedure here and actually our stain, this is an actual nap ken that had a lipstick stain. when you are done, also use soap and water before you put it in the washing machine.

>> last but not least, food stains on the carpet.

>> you can by chemical carpet cleaners, my thoughts is, don't bring out the big guns if you don't need them. most household sustains on carpets and other stuff, all you need is cope and water. you need a solution of one teaspoon of mild or dish deter gent, clear. mix it with some water and, you know, what you want to do is make sure you are working from the outside in. this is looks like gravy.

>> the lime the gravy.

>> our holiday parties started a little early this morning.