TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

What bridge was in ‘Saturday Night Fever’?

With the help of E! News Terrence J, fans of the Fourth Hour are quizzed about their pop culture knowledge a new edition of “Who Knew?”

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>>> and we are back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. we're ready to play who knew and in honor -- pay attention -- of actor jeff bridges ' birthday, which is today, we're testing your knowledge on famous bridges and famous hollywood families. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store and is ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who get it is right. and those who don't get a kathie lee cd. lucky, lucky.

>> she wants it. you can tell.

>> clarence jay, e! news anchor and the author of "the wealth of my mother's wisdom." thank you.

>> thank you. my mother can't wait to meet you. are we going to tell everybody we're getting married?

>> no. keep it on the low.

>> let's go across to kath .

>> stepbrothers, fabulous backer boys, the blues brothers or bad boys ?

>> the first one.

>> the correct answer, terrence, is the fabulous baker boys .

>> came out in 1989 . this catapulted michelle pfeiffer 's career, starring the brothers. they play brothers in the film. they got a lot of critical acclaim .

>> back across to kath .

>> the sister of our dear cameraman right here, jimmy corrigan . welcome. welcome.

>> thank you.

>> takes place on what bridge? brooklyn bridge , verrazano- narrows bridge , manhattan bridge or george washington bridge ?

>> brooklyn bridge ?

>> good day for kl. the verrazano bridge , right?

>> yes. 1977 . that young lady out there is too young to remember that. way too young.

>> of course.

>> john travolta and the rest of the guys.

>> i forgot that scene. oh, my gosh. back across to kath .

>> this beautiful blond is from chicago. right? okay. dakota johnson , who will play anastasia steele in the 2015 release of "fifty shades of grey" movie, don't act like you didn't read it, is the daughter of which actress? meg ryan .

>> b.

>> no. i thought everybody knew that. that's a lullaby album. i don't know.

>> melanie griffith .

>> and don johnson is her father. the film started shooting, it will come out in 2015 . they just shot the first scene at the coffee shop . as soon as they start doing those other scenes let me know .

>> please do.

>> let you know.

>> let's go over to kath .

>> in the film " bridges of madison county ," robert kinkade comes to town to, what, fix the bridges, tear down the bridges, paint the bridges or photograph the bridges?

>> i think i should know. photograph the bridge.

>> yes. i love that.

>> anything with an accent is great. he was there to photograph the bridges.

>> yes, he was. little clint eastwood . he starred, directed and produced this film. just a brilliant job.

>> great, great movie. back across to kath .

>> bunch of ladies are celebrating their 60th birthday. imagine that. which actor is a cousin of film directors roman and sofia coppola ? bruce willis , john cusack , nicholas cage or al pa checino?

>> nicholas cage .

>> wow, she knew.

>> his real name is nicholas kim coppola. he changed his name to cage but is part of the family that had godfather and other great films.

>> back across to kath .

>> opening features its main character driving over, i think it's called the goethals bridge to his home in new jersey? board walk empire, the sopranos, house or everybody loves raymond ? i think there's a cd in your future.

>> c.

>> yes!

>> that was a wild guess . this is the scene from the open?

>> yes, it is. i think you would have to know that scene, the infamous character, james gandolfini , rest in peace, but that's him traveling across the bridge to new jersey to get ready to do some bad.

>> you know it. we have time for one more.

>> colorado. which a list actors rosemary had the hit with the following song? was it george clooney , brad pitt , matt damon or ben affleck ?

>> george clooney .

>> yeah, yeah.

>> and she needed a little help, but rosemary is his aunt.

>> that is his aunt. she needed a little help on that. the good thing is i didn't know either. we just love george clooney .

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>> and spruce up your christmas without the spruce. chris and peyton with some some victories