TODAY   |  November 29, 2013

Best deals on Black Friday? Experts weigh in

TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew, tech expert Natali Morris and TODAY’s consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman shares the best bargains you can expect on Black Friday across a spectrum of products.

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>> okay. willie, thanks. it is time to start your holiday savings. we're doing a black friday whip. we have gathered three experts to tell you how and where to find the best deals possible. but first up, special deals for you, for fashion and your home. elizabeth has the scoop.

>> good morning.

>> so is it too late? should we have started on thanksgiving?

>> no, but most door busters go until 1:00 today. watch this and go.

>> get out the door.

>> old navy.

>> old navy all day, 50% off in the store. it's an unprecedented store.

>> half off?

>> everything. boys, girls, you name it. everything in the store.

>> that's pretty good.

>> next up, macy's. they have got great deals on sweaters, 39.99. diamond earrings that originally retailed for 550 are under $150 right now.

>> those are pretty big too.

>> they're real diamonds.

>> real diamonds. next up kohl's has 500 amazing door busters . you can get a scarf for 8.99. a puffer vest for men for 14.99. blankets are 8.99 and small appliances originally $39, now $7.99.

>> crock pot , a waffle maker . one of my favorite deals is from bloomingdales, an expresso. they're doing an entire bundle for $99.99 which is amazing. that's a door buster . you have to get there by 1:00. you get like a $15 bloomingdale card for every $50 and also you get double points if you use your loyalty card . sheet sets, those are $39. usually retail for $150 and because free is always better than cheap.

>> free is good.

>> you can go to seattle's best facebook page and log on and you can get a coffee that brews a four cup pot.

>> totally free coffee?

>> totally free.

>> also free you can go to jcpenney. they're giving you a snow globe with your purchase. you can get luggage 60% off and sam's club has free breakfast all morning. they're doing it healthy and they also have dyson 43% off. very hard to ever get dyson on sale.

>> i get that but don't buy me a vacuum cleaner for christmas.

>> you can also head to where they're doing 25% off as well. so a lot of stuff that very rarely goes on sale you can find today.

>> okay. thank you.

>> thank you.

>> next up, black friday's top tech deals. natalie is a contributor and top expert . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we're talking about online and in stores.

>> that's right. if you don't want to pound the pavement, you can pound your keyboard.

>> 40 inch samsung tv.

>> this is a 40 inch plaza. morally $829 and now on sale for $479. it's a good tv, and also web enabled.

>> iphone aren't something we see on sale too often.

>> they almost never go on sale. walmart has a good deal where they're running the 5 c and 5-s. you get a $75 gift card atwal mart. this is only $45 out of pocket. when you get the $75 back you're getting paid for it.

>> the iphone is $45.

>> the 5-s is normally $199.

>> that's incredible.

>> at&t, big deals on black friday. including something free.

>> this is an asus tablet running windows and it's free with the contract. you do have to buy the contract for the tablet but you get it out the door for free.

>> what about this?

>> these are speakers, normally $99 and they're on sale for $39.

>> okay.

>> and they're portable.

>> where do we get them?

>> all at at&t.

>> okay. over here we have kindle.

>> if you go to best buy you'll get really great deals on the kindle. this is the kindle fire. it's normally $199. you get it for $99. and then just the regular kindle, the screen here is the black and white e-reader tablet. $49.

>> how about office max ?

>> office max has a lot of great deals. this is a good printer, $289 on sale from $99. it has a really great app where you can take a cute picture on your smartphone and send it to your printer and print it out. it's also a scanner.

>> how quick should i move?

>> you should move quick. santa's elves are trying to make them quickly.

>> andrea.

>> thank you, willie. finally, it's all about the kids, isn't it? so janice lieberman is here. i knew i got this one for a reason. i have three little girls and i haven't bought anything.

>> and one on the way.

>> walmart. 30% off of all barbie and legos. all models excluding clearance. that's huge. that never happens.

>> so i have time.

>> you'll have a few hours.

>> i was thinking about some barbies.

>> don't watch but the barbies are amazing and they don't go on sale to this degree.

>> perfect.

>> now we have this fabulous disney bike. pick it up at target for $57. it's usually 80. these are huge. these are beats over the ear head phones . they rarely go on sale. they are $119. that's a $60 savings. they were big last year. they're big again this year.

>> is this more for teens or tweens.

>> is that on your list?

>> not yet.

>> let's move over to toys "r" us.

>> this is the most adorable thing i have ever seen.

>> my kids would go nuts in that thing.

>> usually $200, $100. 50% off.

>> that's a great deal.

>> and for the boys or girls we have the stack system. it's the basketball system. usually sells for $80. just $40. you put it outside.

>> it's not going to take up a lot of the drive way either.

>> yeah. and a satellite scooter, 50% off. this is electric.

>> that's a good deal.

>> $70. i love this. my son has been asking for one of those. and this never goes on sale, these are leapfrog software also very cheep. you have to get out there.

>> thank you.

>> while supplies last.

>> thank you so much. coming up, one republic live in