TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Yuletide jeer: NYPD urges bars to ban drunk Santas

In New York City, the annual SantaCon bar crawl spurs myriad complaints for rowdy behavior. Now police are fighting back, urging bar owners to keep their doors closed to hordes of inebriated Saint Nicks.

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>> here's one trending on the new york post. the holiday season is upon us and if you live here in new york city you probably experienced the annual santacon bar crawl . they take to the city streets and after santa have a few, well, it's not always so jolly as you see. these are not the real santas. now the new york police department is fighting back after numerous complaints about the noise and rowdy behavior, police are formally asking bars to not participate in the event scheduled. they say many bar owners are planning to take their advice keeping their doors closed to the fake santas.

>> nothing says christmas to a 7-year-old walking the streets and seeing santa urinating on the corner.

>> that's not santa kids.

>> not santa .

>> santa only likes milk and cookies .

>> yeah.

>> i'm going to beg blake shelton to do that with me this year.

>> that will be fun.

>> and that is what's trending