TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

Help name the Orange Room goldfish

Carson Daly is back in the Orange Room and brought a new pet with him: a goldfish! Help name the newest (and smallest) member of the TODAY team.

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>> look who has returned to the orange room . carson daly , welcome back.

>> cheers! you have been gone so long you have a border.

>> yeah, i know.

>> he's filling in for tamron.

>> who has done a fantastic zwrob, by the way, it's good to see you guys. speaking of borders, at indiana university , some of the men on that campus are partakeing. other than that, i brought a fish that i would love to have you guys named hashtack orange room him al is working on some name itself now. let us know. the loading one is natalie who walked in here and said i've got a name, how about flush?

>> sorry.

>> howabout sushi.

>> matt, we're often television.

>> i had ten goldfish for years. a fan.

>> that's coming up later. it's good to be back.

>> we have a supply of goldfish back there. carson, thank