TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

Upgrade your man with style

Tired of the tacky Christmas sweaters and the Croc shoes? All is not lost: watch these three men get a much-needed style upgrade without the high price tag, just in time for the holidays.

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>> you know who you are. you wear the same football jersey every weekendment you kick back in a bath robe and slippers around the house and to you that is perfectly acceptable.

>> well, not for your partner. today we roped in three men willing to trade in the treasured item for clothing for an upgrade. tyler is here. he's the men's editor of and the tallest editor online.

>> good to see you guys.

>> i don't know what it is about the holidays. it doesn't always bring out the best in men's style. we're going to fix that with three guys. important work here today.

>> let's start with athena and george . your husband wears this sweater. and not ironically.

>> not even a sweater.

>> so this is george 's holiday sweater. i guess the main reason i don't like it is the dinosaurs and the snow flakes.

>> good reason.

>> this is not the way to do it.

>> does he really like it? or is it a funny thing he does around the holidays.

>> i think he likes it.

>> really.

>> i'm surprised it comes in grown up sizes.

>> why don't we bring out george and see his style upgrade. tell us what we got here tyler.

>> oh, yeah.

>> boom, right there. so we're going to ditch the dinosaurs and bring in a modern rif of a traditional knit. this is from h&m. it's a great deal at about $40. holiday spirit with the stocking cap and the dark green chinos.

>> i love the shoes.

>> great from h&m. it all ties nicely together. it says christmas without screaming it. it will serve you well in january, february, through the rest of the winter as well.

>> do you like the look?

>> i love it.

>> willing to get rid of it?

>> yeah.

>> let's get rid of it.

>> all right.

>> dump it.

>> yes.

>> very nice.

>> looking good. thank you guys. let's move on to matt. what's the big complaint here?

>> it's a little too casual. slippers and a robe.

>> camo slippers. the sloppy old ratty robe. and, you know, if tony soprano wore it you should avoid it. that's what we're going to recommend here.

>> how often are you seeing this?

>> daily.

>> he wears this every day.

>> daily.

>> oh, man, byron get out here.

>> byron , let's see what we did here.

>> there we go. there we go.

>> so this is the christmas morning look. this doesn't sacrifice style for some comfort. got the red shirt , the sweater from old navy you could wear to the office and the sweats are something that a lot of guys are actually dressing up and wearing out of the house. that's the theme here. virtually everything you see on byron you could wear out of the house. maybe not the slippers.

>> walk the dog .

>> they're better than --

>> do you like it?

>> yeah, it's more layers but i'll get used to it.

>> you look good, man.

>> the slippers too, right.

>> all going.

>> the whole thing.

>> it's all going.

>> byron , very nice.

>> okay. now, finally, we've got emily. emily. wow, crocs really?

>> he loves his crocs.

>> is he 12?

>> no, why would you say that.

>> that's nice and probably an expensive jersey.

>> it's a classic.

>> it's great for the game but it's probably a do not try at home or definitely do not try at the first thanksgiving with your future in laws which is what we're talking about.

>> he doesn't want to wear this to thanksgiving dinner .

>> no, he would. he loves it.

>> got to put the jersey away until after the wedding. he hasn't married you yet, right?

>> not yet.

>> matt, dude, come on.

>> he's getting invited back to thanksgiving. i don't care whether you're a host or a guest, it's all about comfort and function and you have to put in just enough effort to show a sense of occasion. wear the blazer, show up wearing the blazer. take it off in it's a casual scene. this is from h&m. we have a great sweater from the gap. the pants are from top shop . everything is well under 100 dollars. that's what the pocket square is for.

>> are you uncomfortable?

>> you look a little uncomfortable.

>> it's different for me.

>> you're walking around like how are you doing.

>> this is great.

>> were you really going to wear that?

>> yeah, i definitely would and they live in california so they're l.a. kings fans and why not sport --

>> rub it in their face.

>> after the wedding for that stuff.

>> that's a classic. i would say let's not throw it away but are you willing to put it away and toss these.

>> give me the crocs.

>> yes, fantastic.

>> real quick before we go, the no socks on a day when it's 35.

>> i did that for you, al. i know you love it.

>> wow, is there a point where you will put socks