TODAY   |  November 16, 2013

Clinic offers IVF using donated sperm and eggs

For people struggling with infertility, a clinic in California could be the answer to their prayers. The clinic purchases eggs and sperm and then sells the embryos in a plan that has both fans and critics. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> people struggling with infertility, this could be the answer to their prayers. a clinic in california is creating embryos from donated sperm and eggs and selling them to women who are trying to get pregnant. as janet shamlian reports it has fans and critics.

>> reporter: this simple joy, a mother playing with her daughter is a moment she had given on ever experiencing.

>> i wasn't going to be a parent. we lived every day thinking that somehow i was selected to bear this punishment.

>> reporter: amy tried for nine years to get pregnant. first, naturally and then through seven circles of infertility then at 40 she traveled to a clinic she had read about on the internet. the deal was hard to resist. inve -- in vitro pregnancy.

>> was this my last chance.

>> reporter: california operates different than other fertility clinics. doctors create a batch of embryo embryos from a single sperm and egg donor which are sold to patients. typically, up to four women can receive embryos from one batch and they are implanted and carry the pregnancy. the clinic claims 95% success rate. amy became pregnant with laura and adrienne on the first try. california conception say three other children were born two two other families from the same pujeds of embryos. your children have siblings out there. how do you feel about that?

>> to me your family is who you live with and grow up with.

>> reporter: amy couldn't be happier but some say the issue of premade embryos is an ethical mine field .

>> this is definitely pushing the envelope. there is a sort of yuck factor . i say here is a strevertingor full of fetuses, do you want to buy one? people would wind that uncomfortable.

>> reporter: the doctor runs the clinics and defends against clinics who say the process is designer baby making.

>> when they are transferred to the couple there is a family there. the couple fulfills their dreams and don't purchase it as they went and purchased imbrea yos.

>> reporter: it cost up to 20,000 each try and this program costs significantly less and $12,500 and three times to get pregnant. it is divided among all of the buyers. amy says she would have paid any price to fulfill her lifelong dream.

>> i used to feel so empty. now i can't imagine life without them now.

>> reporter: a gentlemfor "today," janet sham