TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Carson Daly is #InspiredBy his mom’s courage

TODAY’s Carson Daly said he is #InspiredBy none other than his mother, Pattie Daly Caruso, who as lost a husband and battled breast cancer, only to come out stronger than ever.

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>> all week, we have been sharing personal stories of the people who have inspired us our entire life.

>> our good buddy carson is? l.a. he got up early. good to see you, man.

>> good to see you, guys. i'm excited to tell you about the person who inspires me the most i'll start by saying people newest general who inspire me are people who in the face of adversity choose to put one foot in front of the other people who take the needs and desires of others and put them first. the person that best exemplifies those traits is my mom, patty daily caruso.

>> i was born in north carolina , but my daddy was in the army. so we lived all over the united states .

>> she was an army brat that came to california.

>> i went to pasadena. i did a few things, nothing big that anybody would know or remember but i met jim bailey .

>> she ended up meeting my dad, having kids, her life unfolded.

>> when you look into that little face and you foe that that child is going to be learning about the world and a lot through your own eyes or your actions, i think that's huge.

>> when we were young, she lost her mother and also in a short amount of time, lost my dad.

>> my mom was very close to me. she died when i was 33 and j.d. died when i was 35 and had always been so healthy. one morning, his back was bothering him and just through routine hospital tests, they found bladder cancer . and it was devastating.

>> i do remember the day my dad died. i remember coming home from school and i was this big, i remember all i saw in my house were adult knee caps. i went upstairs, the rom was pitch black , my mom was in bed, she said in her way of trying to expla enthe death of my dad, daddy's not coming home . i said something like mommy.

>> i wondered newest i could please have daddy's money.

>> she knew i couldn't quite comprehend what was going on, my sister was crying.

>> newest i had any doubts of how we would all go on, it was my kids that made it very clear. we're going to stick together. we will go forward.

>> thank god, not long after my mom met my step dad .

>> richard and i became really good friends. i never thought i would marry again. he has just been a fantastic stepfather.

>> i always say god blessed me with two incredible dads. i was in new york city , hosting a show "total request live." i remember getting a phone call in my dressing room literally minutes before it started, it was my mom, she told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer . i remember the sink feeling. i said, mo i'm on my way. done you dare, you have a live show to do.

>> you go out there. do you your show.

>> she is selfless. it's not about my mom. it's never really been about her.

>> i took an aggressive path in a mostectomy. the thing that destroyed me was my kids and when they would have kid. so i few i had to be here.

>> it's not going to be a cross, it's how you are bear it.

>> her life has been a constant example for me how to bear that cross i guess.

>> i think you have as to put one foot in front of the other and go forward. i think it's that simple.

>> hi, everybody, welcome to valley view .

>> my mom, who wanted to get into news i guess, she told me later, she wanted to be an anchor. she got her own show in palm springs . i think she lived through my vicariously. i realize she gave that up, being a mother was number one.

>> i don't wish i had a bigger career, i just love being a mom.

>> newest you can make an impact every time you are with a fellow human being , wouldn't that be wonderful? my mom, every day, makes hundreds of positive impacts on people's lives.

>> my greatest gift in life are my children and now my grandchildren.

>> i think having a strong parent has been just such an inspiration, it's a constant reminder for me to find my pillar of strength and to be that for my own growing family.

>> it's mind boggling. it's like is up an honor for me, that carson feels that way.

>> that's hard to watch, man, that's an amazing piece. thank you for making that. you know i'm not the type of person quoting mark twain , as i watch that i think about what he said about his father, when he was 14, he couldn't believe how ignorant his dad was, by the time he was 21, he was amazed how much he learned. i'm a new parent, when asked who inspires me, i didn't quite get it then. every day i get it more and more. she's incredible. so, thanks for. oh, we love your mom, carson , we absolutely love her, too.

>> what a beautiful piece, carson , having seen you around your own children, your mom is incredibly proud of you, your dad as well.

>> we met her, we know where you get it, thanks, bud.

>> tomorrow.

>> you be et.

>> i will get to share my biggest inspiration. tamron is going to introduce us to the inspiration in her life.