TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Miss Universe: I didn’t hear my name called

Gabriela Isler, better known as Miss Universe 2013, says at first she didn’t hear her name called when she was selected as the winner of the pageant. The beauty talks to the TODAY team about her plans to use her crown to help the needy.

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>> say hello to the newly crowned miss universe gabriela isler won the coveted title. this is a joint venture between donald trump and universal, miss universe , congratulations.

>> thank you so much. good morning. thank you for the position. i feel so happy to be here.

>> what was it like in that moment when you realized, it's me, i won.

>> well, i never saw this before, but i couldn't hear my name because the motions, the craziness, i was really me? newest you saw, because my face was like, what happened? i didn't know what happened. i realize when the media handed me the crown. so it's a funny moment.

>> then you put the crown on, it kind of started to tumble a little bit.

>> it's a funny story, she is more petite, i'm tall. so they ask me, how can you fit the crown? okay. i will go down, she can set my crown.

>> that kind of fell a little bit.

>> right now they fix me up, you see.

>> it's gorgeous.

>> it's mean.

>> it has rubies on it.

>> we love it.

>> it's very hard to keep this on your head. i can see how that can be a problem. se see.

>> we want to try it.

>> here, you try it.

>> what's the focus of your year look like?

>> oh, my.

>> what stuff do you want to concentrate on during your reign?

>> during my --

>> term as miss universe .

>> oh, well, they give me an opportunity to do the things i really love. first of all i can be a more of a mother for the girls, after that, work with sick kids and the thing i really love because before i was working in venezuela, so i feel really blessed to be here and a part of this kind of organization.

>> this is your first time in new york city so newest you let me keep this, i'll show you a lot of the town.

>> it is really heavy.

>> congratulations. you are so buechel you got a great personality. you deserve it all.

>> you wear it well.

>> thank you so much. congratulations.

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