TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

eBay’s new service promises delivery in 1 hour

As retailers such as Amazon and Walmart hustle to provide speedier delivery, eBay may have topped them all, saying they can deliver your item to your doorstep in just 60 minutes. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>> right around the corner. a time when retailers try to one up each other with shipping promises and delivery deals. now one company is offering the items you need at your door in an instant.

>> reporter: if you're an online shopper and you've got to have it now, a new service from ebay could be the answers to your prayers. ebay is promising delivery in an hour. one hour for just $5. with the clock ticking, he takes to the street and we tagged along.

>> how much time do we have to get to bloomingdales?

>> we have about an hour. we need to speed it up too.

>> our valet had to find toiletries at a department store . and then back on his bike and into traffic to meet the customer.

>> here we go. so you can sign here.

>> i didn't have time to run and buy toiletries and things like that. i'm at work so it was an easy fix.

>> have you ever been hit?

>> i have, actually.

>> yeah, it's not fun.

>> reporter: for a company best known as an auction site, this is different. ebay now is a direct challenge for other retail giants offering same day delivery like amazon and walmart. the company hopes it's a game changer for holiday shoppers.

>> with the knowledge you can get something in an hour or in a day and know that you're going to get it, the shopping window now gets closer and closer to the actual holiday.

>> this service is available in just a few cities right now but ebay will be rolling it out all over the country. next stop, dallas. as many as 25 cities by the end of next year. and bargain, $5 covers just about anything.

>> what's the largest item that you have ever delivered in that backpack?

>> i think i've taken shelving, like a big shelf.

>> a shelf?

>> yeah, it's a wooden shelf.

>> reporter: the ground war for speedy delivery as the battle for your holiday dollar heats up. for today, nbc news, new york.

>>> worked hard for that one.

>> there are times when you get in a pinch and you need something in a hurry and would you pay $5 for that service.

>> big screen tv .

>> big game coming up.

>> got to have it.