TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

‘Last Vegas’ stars ‘dragged’ into crossdressing conversation

Matt Lauer kicked off the conversation Friday after baring his bodacious bod as a “Baywatch” babe on the TODAY Plaza for Halloween. Morgan Freeman feels left out as the cast members of “Last Vegas” weigh in on dressing in drag.

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>> talking about your many performances in drag and we asked folks online what they think is your best look and 51% said over the years, j.lo. did you have a favorite?

>> j. lo was number one but it does raise the question, what about you guys, have you -- liberace, we know. have you ever done drag in a movie?

>> no, just the movie i did, the film in england -- stardust?

>> you played a woman?

>> a ship captain who likes to dress up.

>> morgan?

>> no.

>> would you do it?

>> absolutely.

>> i thought this last one you had, this pamela anderson , it's the best.

>> kevin you have done drag for movies or performances, right?

>> yeah.

>> when don't you.

>> i can't think of the ones when i didn't do drag.

>> do you enjoy it as much as matt appears to?

>> no, i did it for wild, wild west and when they finished the four hours of turning me into a woman --

>> you came out looking great. look at the monitor.

>> that's it.

>> you're an attractive woman.

>> no.

>> are you looking at that picture? that's a handsome woman.

>> he's the one the on the right.

>> how long did it take you guys to remove your prosthetics yesterday?