TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Meet the mom whose singing moved her baby to tears

A video capturing 10-month-old Mary Lynne Leroux’s emotional reaction to her mother singing the Rod Stewart standard “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” moved YouTube viewers as well, sending it viral. Via Skype, mom Amanda Leroux tells TODAY’s Carson Daly that she recorded the video to prove the infant’s reaction was real.

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>>> we are back now at 7:49 with the question what's all the fuss about in the orange room this morning? and with the answer from carson daly . carson.

>> the fuss is the emotional baby, matt. there is a video going around. it's a tear jerker. amanda is in ontario and was singing to her 10 month old daughter marily lynn and she was feeling it. all the emotions. high and low . [ singing ] i'm going to wake up missing you wake up missing you i'm going to wake up missing you wake up missing you

>> mary lynn went on to turn her chair around too for her mother. that was a 1988 rod stewart song by the way if you were wondering. we caught up with amanda, the mom, on skype earlier and here's what she had to say.

>> since she has been in the woman i have been singing to her. every time i sing this song she starts welling up and i have no explanation why and then one day i told my husband how she acted to this particular song and he didn't really believe me so i was like i'll video tape it for proof. we were in shock. both of us. we can't believe it. we never expected that many people to be interested in our little video. it was meant just to be for family and ended up getting this far.

>> not such a little video. that video put up on the 18th of this month and has over 5 million views. what song do you sing to your baby that makes your baby cry? i think for my daughter, she is crying for all sorts of reasons.

>> anything i sing.

>> not a good voice coming out.

>> carson, that's so nice. savannah, don't you feel bad for suggesting it was just gas.

>> oh, wow.

>> i was going to say what do i sing to my baby. my baby cries all the time, don't you matt? you're so fussy.

>> i do. you get me right here.