TODAY   |  October 27, 2013

Watch a werewolf sneak up on Dylan live on TODAY

TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer took to the Orange Room to discuss a segment on being scared, and she got a fright of her own when a werewolf crept up behind her. And it wasn’t just anybody under the mask.

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>>> we wanted to hear where you stand in this matter. do you like being scared. dylan is in the orange room with your reaction to our very scientific survey.

>> it is very scientific. we had a lot of people respond to this question, do you enjoy scary entertainment? i was shocked to find that 66% of you said no. only 34% of you said yes. i feel like there's something going on -- i heard him stomp in here.

>> who is it?

>> it's my husband.

>> that's the phone call you got yesterday that you were being sneaky about.

>> maybe.

>> my heart is kind of racing right now.

>> dylan, you handled that so beautifully. you did not seem like you were that scared.

>> there was one time he was at my house when we first gave each other keys to each other's house, walk in and it's midnight. the house is pitch black . he's sitting on the couch and i turn on the light and i was like, oh, hi.

>> hey, brian.

>> you weren't worried about an intruder at all. i guess i don't get frightened that much about for "the shining."

>> do you watch scary shows?

>> we do. the movie "the shining" freaks me out. that movie i'm sitting in the corner.

>> you like scary stuff, lester?

>> i think the scariest movie i saw "dissent." what was the movie where the people, the boat left without them. they were swimming -- "deep water." it wasn't a horror film . it was the most unsettling film.

>> i won't watch scary tv. we had an author on a couple weeks ago who wrote a scary book, i called up the exec stif producer i said, i can do this interview, but i'm going to need to let him know i can't read it. i won't be able to come to work at 3:00 in the morning.

>> i saw " nightmare on elm street " when i was 5 years old. the thing about that one is freddy gets