TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Obamacare site gets failing grades from experts, public

Two weeks after the government’s healthcare exchange website was launched , it is receiving intense criticism from Americans trying to sign up, former White House staffers, and even a software programmer, who says the site looks like “amateur hour.”

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>> as people were mentioning, the shutdown, perhaps more attention would be focused on the o'fardable caring a. millions of americans unable to navigate through the site and sign up for insurance. tom kos tell la has been covering this story. he has the latest. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning t. white house says 15 million people have visited the websitement it insists the website is improving and people are getting through and signing up. it isn't saying how many. by some estimates, it could be less than 1% of the website traffic. if the obama care website were a patient, it would probably be in intensive care right now. after more than two weeks, is getting failing grades from supporters.

>> i hope they get someone fired for how this thing is supposed to work.

>> and the white house , itself.

>> the glitches absolutely must be fixed. people are getting on and enrolling.

>> reporter: the washington post called eight complete train wreck, the sentinel says the administration needs to fix the problems and fix them now.

>> at, go to our live portal.

>> reporter: on october 1st , we met the schultz family in phoenix eager to sign up for insurance through the federal website, 17 days later, they still haven't been able finish the process.

>> as time went by and we realized it was taking longer than expected to seen up, you know, the excitement became more like a question mark . but we're not giving up.

>> reporter: when you see this as a software programmer , what does it say to you?

>> amateur hour. it looks like it was created by someone who has never delivered commercial software before.

>> reporter: he owns a software company in virginia.

>> nobody should see this. this would barely make beta testing .

>> reporter: one problem, it demands users input their personal information before they begin to window shop for insurance, something retail websites like don't do. programming experts say a lot of work needs to be done.

>> if they don't change management , this project is demand, because we have already seen what the existing management considers ready for shipping and it's not. there are allegations that the administration waited too long to draw up the blueprints for the website, then had too many contractors involved. meanwhile, many of the state sites running their websites are getting high marks for how well they're running, colorado and kentucky in particular.

>> all right, tom costello, thank you very much.