TODAY   |  October 14, 2013

Bombs explode in middle of Syrian TV broadcast

Violence continues in Syria after a team of Red Cross workers were kidnapped Sunday after terrorists shot out their tires. Despite two car bombs exploding behind a pro-regime analyst, he continued his television interview. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>> developments on the crisis in syria including new bombings and a team of red cross workers. richard engle is here. good morning.

>> this is a terrible kidnapping. four vehicles, a convoy of 8 workers traveling north of da ma -- damascus, they were shot by gunmen and the workers were taken away.

>> they may be destroying chemical weapons but that hasn't helped. two car bombs exploded in front of the syrian state television building on sunday. the blast sent the broadcast to black. but another channel with a studio nearby had a unique perspective. watch the man on the right. he is a pro-regime analyst and as he is describing how foreign backed islamic extremists are destroying syria with bombs, behind him --

>> the anchor asks how he is.

>> translator: we are good. we are resilient. go ahead with your questions the analyst says and the second explodes. the analyst can't hide his look of confusion and shock. the bombings were likely the work of syrian rebels increasingly lead by islamic radicals linked to al qaeda . the so-called islamic state in iraq and they're not just talking the syrian government. witnesses say the al qaeda backed group kidnapped 7 aid workers from the international committee of the red cross and arab red crescent on sunday morning. they just delivered medical supplies to the city of idlib.

>> calling on the groups holding them to release them immediately and unconditionally.

>> reporter: more than 110,000 syrians have been killed in the civil war so far. the u.s. chose not to intervene, but for syrians, the killings and kidnaps can't be ignored.

>> and the red cross says despite these kidnappings, it will continue to work in syria . a very dedicated group.

>> that video sun believable of the analysts on the air and holding it together through all of that.