TODAY   |  October 09, 2013

Twitter users share what would happen #IfIShutdown

NBC’s Tamron Hall shares some of the best tweets from the #IfIShutdown hashtag, which has employees and moms around the country sharing what things would be like if they shut down their daily activities as the government has.

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>> she is in for carson on orange room duty. hey there tamron.

>> hey, team, we were talking about the government shutdown , day nine, while we have not seen major protests inside capitol hill or in capitol hill , people are feeling the sting of the shutdown. we started the #ifishutdown. this is from a mom. she says if i shutdown, feet up, tv on, kids fighting, #if moms shutdown. she gave us a look at her house if she shutdown. a newspaper writer said this would be next week's newspaper. digging a little deeper, a blank slate , moving on to a dentists office he says empty dental chair close up. no one getting work done. so if we have the luxury, if that's the right word, to do what members of congress are doing, this is what our world would look like and i like that people are venting and letting their voices be heard in a different way than we have seen in the past when folks would protest and show up. this is a new way of protest.

>> i have to say, one silver lining . there's clever things going on on twitter. there was a #hipster congress. it's very funny if you look it up.

>> we'll do that.

>> not my tweet. all the funny tweets.

>> thank you very much.