Marina Shifrin
Rebecca Davis / TODAY

TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

‘I quit’ girl reacts to overnight Internet stardom

Marina Shifrin became an Internet sensation after her “I Quit” video, in which the 25-year-old announced her resignation via dancing, racked up more than 11 million views on YouTube. She tells TODAY’s Carson Daly that she’s still trying to wrap her head around the instant Internet fame and says her snazzy dance moves came from her dad.

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>> an instant hit with working people everywhere after using this creative video to quit her job. she is hanging with carson in the orange room this morning.

>> is this weird for you? she was working in taiwan four or five days ago. you quit in dramatic style. if you don't know the story, we played the video on tuesday. 4 million views. it's almost doubled now. it's 11 million views. let's show you this young lady 's video that everybody seems to be talking about. there it is. [ music playing ]

>> reporter: skip the two weeks notice, she quit her job dancing to kanye west . her video struck a cord with people that only dreamed of a dramatic office exit. imitation i quit videos followed. one from some moms threatening to quit their day job . her former employer even got in on the action.

>> well, there you go. how does it feel? everybody makes videos these days hoping to have this spotlight. what has this week been like?

>> i don't know. i'm still processing it all. i'm still sleeping.

>> what has been the weirdest reaction you have gotten? random people? your friends, your family?

>> my family definitely. my parents have been taking all the twitter proposals very seriously.

>> proposals?

>> how many proposals do you have?

>> well, i have 9 uh-uh read e-mails not because i don't want to read them but because i have been trying to read through all of them but there's marriage proposals.

>> you work overnight in taiwan at this video making company. have you been romanticizing the idea of quitting your job this way? did you have any idea it would be this viral here.

>> yeah, i worked the overnight shift for a month and when i started it i was going to try and power through it and two weeks in someone said i worked an overnight shift and you lose connection with reality and that's kind of what happens. so i made the video for fun and to tell my parents i decided.

>> where did you learn your dance moves ?

>> from my father.

>> yes.

>> fair enough. your unemployed, still looking for a job.

>> i am. i was offered a job by the queen latifa show so i'm still deciding on that.