TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Love candy bars? Try these 4 healthier versions

TODAY contributor Joy Bauer shares four delicious alternatives to some favorite candy bars that may be ruining your diet, like substituting vanilla yogurt with chocolate for a Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Crème bar.

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>>> well, we all know that you despise gummy bears so you say.

>> hate them.

>> i don't understand that.

>> what is your favorite candy?

>> payday or york peppermint patty .

>> yours?

>> snickers or boring, i like dark chocolate .

>> we'll give them a healthy make over to cut calories.

>> joy bauer is here and she's going to show us how to do it.

>> admittedly the bauer family has a sweet tooth . i'm always getting lower calorie versions of the candy bars we love.

>> let's start with the peanut buttercup.

>> for two, a standard pack, it's 210 calories. the easiest thing you can do is take a square of dark chocolate , a teaspoon of peanut butter , put it right on top and either enjoy it room temperature or do what i do.

>> you have to try the peanut buttercup first.

>> you're saving how many calories?

>> for two of these it's 160 calories versus 210 and it's good for you and delicious in the freezer.

>> it doesn't like melt in your mouth.

>> it has a different mouth feel .

>> but a nice compromise, right.

>> sure, there you go.

>> nestle crunch .

>> it's 220 calories. i'll take 6 ounces of the dark chocolate chips. ly melt it over the stove or in the microwave and then i'll add one cup of puffed brown rice gluten free cereal. mix it just like this. get it nice and coated and then pour it over a baking sheet that has parchment paper. spread it out --

>> let's believe this is spread out.

>> put it in the fringe or freezer --

>> in the fringe for 30 minutes and i either break it up in pieces of dark or you can cut it into perfect little healthy nestle's crunch.

>> what's the calories.

>> two of these is only 100 calories.

>> that's good.

>> nice bargain.

>> yeah.

>> delicious. i'm going to save that for later.

>> gluten-free and healthy.

>> why are you laughing there?

>> they want our candy.

>> cookies and cream. this original is 220 calories. now, instead of trying to recreate the same texture i'm just going after mimicking the flavor combination. i'm going to start with a vanilla creamy nonfat yogurt with protein and i'll sprinkle on the cookies.

>> these are chocolate teddy grams.

>> this is great. kids like this.

>> this is only 160 calories and the nice part is it's loaded with protein so it helps to fill you up. it increases your attention.

>> that's better to me than the chocolate bar .

>> that's a two thumbs up.

>> but i love yogurt.

>> junior mints . a regular pack is 220.

>> you love these.

>> think about this, when you go to the movies, that huge portion is 595 calories.

>> yikes. start with a chocolate low fat pudding cup. you're going to mix it up. you chocolate mint now. minimarshmallows right on a tooth pick . you dunk it in.

>> wow.

>> how are you going to get that into the movies though.

>> you have to take this whole thing into the movie theater .

>> i don't think they'll let me bring that in. this entire thing, for 15 marshmallows, it's 125 calories.

>> that's good.

>> fantastic.

>> really yummy and easy to make.

>> really yummy.

>> joy thanks.

>> they're fantastic.

>> that's really good.

>> we love them.

>> yes.

>> the recipes on our website we have also another edition of our too good to be healthy series coming up at the end of the month. we're looking for your healthiest chili recipes. we'll fly three finalists, i guess i don't qualify to new