TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Journalist: Mia Farrow said son is ‘possibly’ Frank Sinatra’s

A Vanity Fair article by Maureen Orth says that Mia Farrow’s son Ronan, supposedly her biological child with Woody Allen, could possibly be Frank Sinatra’s son. Orth describes her conversation with Farrow to TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

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>> mia farrow rose to fame through acting and in recent years devoted herself to activism. she is speaking out in vanity fair talking candidly about her life and relationships with woody allen and frank sinatra and maureen joins us this morning. good to see you. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you did an article on mia farrow 20 years ago. why revisit her now?

>> she is active on twitter. she is very active in africa. she has 14 children. four biological and ten adopted. her story 20 years ago were the allegations of sexual abuse against one of her daughters by woody allen and also the fact that he ended up marrying one of the daughters that was adopted. so there was so much out there at the time and i thought a lot of time has passed. it's a good time to catch up.

>> let's start with what you just eluded to. these allegations 20 years agatha there had been molestation on the part of woody allen with his daughter dylan. she was seven at the time. she is now an adult. you spoke to her.

>> i did.

>> what did she have to say about her memories of that time?

>> what she told me was that her memories of that time are very vivid to her and have haunted her her whole life. she alleges that things really did happen that were very bad for her.

>> no charges were ever filed.

>> no, the connecticut state prosecutor said that he had probable cause to arrest woody allen but he didn't want to put the little girl through a trial and therefore no charges were made.

>> was there any contact between woody allen and dylan farrow?

>> none. he tried to contact her after she turned 18 saying he would send a helicopter and he sent her pictures. she wants nothing to do with him.

>> there's another headline coming out of your article and it's the story that surfaced about a year agatha perhaps ronan farrow who is the son of mia farrow and everyone thinks woody allen is, in fact, the son of mia farrow and frank sinatra . it would have happened after mia and frank sinatra actually divorced. i know you asked mia farrow directly about it.

>> i asked her point blank and i said is ronan frank sinatra 's son? and she said possibly. no dna tests were done. they never really broke up. obviously they got divorced an she was only 21 when she married him. he was 50. she lost her virginity to him. she says he was the love of her life and ronan looks a lot like frank sinatra . he sings like frank sinatra .

>> ronan is a guy people may be familiar with. he is a journalist. he is a lawyer.

>> rhodes scholar .

>> government official. has he had anything to say about it.

>> he hasn't commented on it he's close to the sinatra family and i e-mailed with nancy sinatra said she is happy to have him in the family.

>> let's end this where we started with mia farrow , this family of hers, this large family has been called very loving and very dysfunctional. which is it according to you?

>> they told me they thought it was cool to grow up that way and i spoke to 8 of them. they are very kind to one another and they have melded an amazing diversity of gene pools to make a family.

>> well, maureen, as always, great work. you can see this article in this month's issue of vanity fair and it's on newsstands tomorrow. good to