TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Mom crafts superhero capes for ailing kids nationwide

Robyn Rosenberger has handmade capes for more than 1,700 kids with terminal illnesses around the country, raising their spirits by turning them into tiny superheroes.

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>>> this morning in our series hope to it, how one mother's craft project is giving young kids the boost they need.

>> she turned a needle and thread into inspiration for children battling illnesses.

>> her work created an army of tiny super heros .

>> it's not unusual for a 3 3 1/2-year-old girl to jump into a world of fantasy.

>> you flew right out of that tree.

>> reporter: what makes her truly extraordinary is her reality.

>> listen on your tummy.

>> reporter: much of her young life is spent inside a children's hospital. receiving treatment for the rare brain tumor discovered earlier this year.

>> she is a fighter. she is feisty too.

>> reporter: the cancer forced remedy and her family to move 2,000 miles from their house in alaska to the ronald mcdonald house in seattle.

>> i want to play in the big house .

>> reporter: chemotherapy weakened the power in her legs yet the purple cape with the bright pink r will tell you she is fighting with comic book strength.

>> she is super remedy. my favorite part is when i call her super remedy she calls me super momma. i like that.

>> reporter: the cape was a gift from a stranger who quickly became so much more.

>> hi. it's so wonderful to see you. how are you?

>> super skills.

>> you have super skills? because of you cape?

>> robin made the colorful wrap by hand. a product of her mortal skills and a super human drive that soars far above just one cape.

>> three weeks ago we had 400 kids waiting. right now we're down to 100 but we're getting about 10 nominations every day.

>> at first she stitched a few capes for relatives and then learned about a girl born with a severe skin disorder.

>> it was a moment that she needed a cape. my son looked cute but she needed one.

>> reporter: to date robin has cloaked more than 1700 kids battling illnesses and living with disabilities, building an army of super heros .

>> they're going to the hospital in their cape and wearing them to their first day of school because kids make fun of them.

>> with new requests coming in each day robin quit her job and opened a one room workshop where she and her volunteers can keep the sewing going.

>> she doesn't just deliver capes. she bolsters children and robin turns them into super heros .

>> reporter: kids like remedy are incredibly grateful.

>> thank you robin for my cape and for being my friend love remedy.

>> reporter: they realize a cape alone can't cure cancer but never underestimate the power of a girl who dreams that she can fly.

>> she already has a super hero name.

>> super remedy.

>> if you have a tiny super hero in your home or would like to nominate another family's super hero find out more about robin's capes and how to get one at

>> what an amazing woman.