TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

Joy Fit Club member takes up hula hoop, loses 171 lbs.

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Joy Bauer introduces 30-year-old Leigh Mount to the Joy Fit Club. Leigh attributes her loss of 171 pounds to swapping alcohol and cigarettes for a healthier habit of hula-hooping

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>>> we are back now with "look at me now the joy fit club ." and a woman who gave up unhealthy eating and binge drinking.

>> she lost 171 pounds. we're going to meet her in just a moment but first let's listen to her story.

>> hi, my name is lee, i used to weigh 319 pounds. growing up, i was the fat kid . when i moved out on my own i never ate food. i only ate snacks. all of my food came in bright crinkly bags. chips, cookies. as i became bigger i became more depressed. in july 2011 my stepmom took me to get my hair done, it was the first time in years i put any thought into it. i bought a new pair of jeans. they were 26w. i signed up for quick loss, a program based on lean proteins healthy fats and carbs. just by changing my diet i lost 171 pounds and i found a new healthy hobby. since day one of the diet, life is legally wonderful. i finally accepted myself on the outside and it's the greatest feeling in the world.

>> and joy bauer, nutrition leader of the joy fit club .

>> this young woman went from a researched afraid to speak her mind kind of gal to fewer exuberance. we're talking about something we never addressed before. to destress and wind down she used cigarette and alcohol. to give her an example. she could guzzle down three double vodka drinks, over 650 calories. then she would wake up in the morning feeling yuck, craving sugary carbs. she would either 2500 calories worth of a baker's dozen, basically. she's going to show you how she swapped a bad destressing habit for a really productive one that enabled her to lose weight . every time she did that, she added it to a paper clip. if she gains a pound back, she takes it back. look at her.

>> lee, come join the joy fit club .

>> oh, my god!

>> oh.

>> oh, my gosh. you look spectacular.

>> oh, my gosh. what did you do to destress once you got off the sauce?

>> hulu hoop.

>> did you always --

>> i never could do this.

>> you couldn't do that?

>> never.

>> she does it 20 minutes a day and she burns 200 calories.

>> you do it while you're watching tv ?

>> okay. ladies, which one wants to give it a try.

>> i don't know because of my back but i'll try.

>> how long did it take to drop all the weight?

>> almost two years.

>> what's the best reaction you've gotten from people.

>> wow, look at her.

>> the best reaction.

>> i love that from you.

>> whoo!

>> go kathie.

>> you look amazing.

>> don't throw out that sour milk or that slimy banana peel

>> why?

>> i don't know. we're about