TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

How we say goodbye to shows like ‘Breaking Bad’

The hit drama “Breaking Bad” ended Sunday night after five successful seasons. TV critics say that even though the show is over, viewers will continue to be vested in the characters and plot for years to come. E! News’ Jason Kennedy reports.

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>>> breaking bad. it ended last night a week after winning the best drama emmy. was the time right? here's jason kennedy .

>> it's over and i needed a proper good-bye.

>> reporter: it was the final chapter in walter white 's dark journey from high school teacher.

>> it's growth and then decay and then transformation.

>> reporter: and beyond. a show that ended while still at the top of it's game.

>> i'm in the empire business.

>> reporter: which sets it apart from many other series finales and in the minds of critics like brett martin .

>> two things happen. they either disappear completely or they're meant to go on forever because once it's making money you try to extend the story as long as it goes and it's rare that you get, you know, the kind of cultural event we have been seeing lately.

>> reporter: other series have disappointed fans in later seasons by jumping the shark or going out with forgettable endings like sienfeld, lost. like bob newhart waking up or tony soprano cutting to black.

>> does it live up to the hype. the soprano finale which i happen to love, to this day, every single day, someone is asking me about it.

>> a conversation we viewers don't want to end just because the show did.

>> you invested in these shows for years. you invested in these characters and you're invested in these shows and you really don't know what you want to happen but you want something great to happen at the end.

>> the end of "breaking bad" means he cooked his last batch of blue crystal but like bob, tony, jerry, and so many others before him, his legacy will be with us for many, many years to come.

>> that's right. now, say my name.

>> reporter: in los angeles , i'm jason kennedy for today.

>> pretty amazing.

>> people online say fans of the show, over 80% which is so rare for these series finales said they not just liked it, they loved it.

>> they tied it up with a bow and a bang.