TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Frizz to fab! LA woman gets glamorous NY look

Hair stylist to the stars Louis Licari and style expert Lilliana Vazquez give a makeover to a 42-year-old woman from Los Angeles who needed her hair tamed, and to a wife who wanted an organic new look.

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>>> we're back with more of "today" on this thursday. ready to reveal our plaza ambush makeovers.

>> "today" contributor and stylist to the stars lewis lacari.

>> and founder of

>> how were the pickings today?

>> i have to show you. i don't think we've had so many people saying pick me, pick me. all of them. the whole crowd.

>> so you have an awfully lot of unhappy people there.

>> i had to sort of sneak in the back door.

>> our first lucky lady is marina from los angeles , california. her battle every morning is her hair. she jumped at the opportunity to tame her curls.

>> i'm here with marina and her mom. today she is getting a total head to the makeover. how excited are you?

>> i'm so excited. what girl doesn't want a makeover in new york city ?

>> mom are you excited?

>> i'm delighted for her. i can't wait to see her results.

>> i know we're going to start with hair. i'm going to take care of all the fashion. you're going to be good to go. are you ready?

>> so ready.

>> let's do this.

>> cute. i like them. she was dancing when we came into the studio. just so you know. keep your blindfold on. here is marina before. let's see the new you.

>> oh! oh wow!

>> hannah, take off your blindfold.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> whoa. hello, hair. wow. oh, my gosh.

>> do you think you're julianne moore or what?

>> something like that.

>> look at camera 12. lewis, tell us about the hair.

>> we went from california cool to new york glamour. this is the epitome. her color was one of those in between colors. i said let's go for it. i made her this soft believable, yes it is kathie lee .

>> makes a statement, baby.

>> softened her curls. she can still wash and run out of the house and wear it curly. or blow it dry.

>> tell us about that hot little number.

>> so she is in the season's hottest trend which is the leather jacket. what i love about this is you can throw it over a fancier dress, you can make it more wearable for daytime. it's from andrew martin and the great dress from laundry. it was made for her. issue stunning.

>> mom, what do you think?

>> i'm speechless.

>> doesn't happen often.

>> and big round of applause.

>> you can join your mom.

>> our second lady today is jane. she is 60 young. as an inspector for the department of agriculture , her daily is jeans and a t-shirt. she gets a chance to glam it up for the day.

>> i'm here with jenny and her husband tom. is this what you thought today would be like?

>> absolutely not. i got up and i thought i was going to see al roker and tell me about the weather.

>> we can make al happen. he's going to see you in your brand new look. tom, are you excited for her?

>> i am.

>> any rules on her makeover?

>> she's an organic girl.

>> your theme is organic glamour. what do you think?

>> sounds good to me. can't wait.

>> that'll be a first. terrific. she's here with her husband tom and brother-in-law, mike.

>> who's tom?

>> right here.

>> i know it was a tough question. i'll try to make the next ones easier. okay. let's take one last look at jenny. keep your blindfolds on, guys. and bring out the new organic jenny. wow.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> all right. she's organic . take off the blindfolds.

>> whoa! wow.

>> you ready to see, jenny? take a look at yourself , sweet heart . you look hot.

>> you do.

>> jenny is more organic . we kept it simple. frosted hair. it's slowly going out of style. the highlights are much more subtle. the nuances are much -- they blend more.

>> they date you now, don't they?

>> yeah. you look a little behind. what i did was i gave her the softer, warmer, light golden blond color. and then gave her this great hair cut . emphasized the bangs to give her the instant style. and she got the smokey eye.

>> the dress is a great pick.

>> great pick. if you really want to flatter your figure, it's all about the color block dresses. those panels create a tiny little waist and you said organic . this is my version of organic glamour.