TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Gregory: Republicans will feel most heat over shutdown

“Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory tells TODAY that most people will blame Republicans for the government shutdown, and that Republicans may attempt to delay Obamacare during the upcoming debt ceiling debate instead of defunding it.

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>> let turn to david gregory , moderator of "meet the press." i don't know if you heard this before, we are days away from a government shutdown . lawmakers always seem to avoid it?

>> washington seems to engage in the same destructive behavior every couple years. most of the heat is on this from the public. i thil city it's possible you could have a shutdown for couple day, two, three, days, depending on when the senate vote on their version of this bill t. house has to make a decision, do they want to have another fight over obamacare over defunding this or shift the fight as peter said over to a separate matterst. that whether or not they will raise the debt ceiling. there that may try to delay the obamacare.

>> me ask you about that the raeshry says we will raise the debt limit s. that a real crisis point?

>> i think it's a crisis point we know the economic shock the world and certainly the u.s. economy would feel if they were to take that step. that's why nobody messes with this and they raise the ceiling. most americans don't support doing that. the president says he wouldn't even talk about any negotiation over raising the debt ceiling because this congress paying, it feels like they've already appropriatated. here again, house republican, the leadership think it's a more palatable fight. can we delay it? why not delay more of it? my big question, what does that get you in the end? what's the real end game here? the law is still the law. it's been upheld by the supreme court . it's going to have its effect positive and negative as we move forward over the next few years.

>> david gregory , much more on "meet the press." we will