TODAY   |  September 23, 2013

Sofia Vergara, Claire Danes highlight Emmy fashion

Vogue magazine’s Chloe Malle talks about Emmy fashion trends as exemplified by “Homeland” star Claire Danes in a nude pastel dress and “Modern Family” actress Sophia Vergara in her mermaid-cut dress.

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>> but right now back to the emmy awards handed out right now. the now we're talking about the red carpet just as important as the people that got the awards themselves. this is the social editor for vogue magazine . hey, chloe. how are you?

>> good. how are you?

>> good. what were your overall impressions?

>> people are taking tv more seriously in a way. people are excited about these dramas like homeland and mad men and breaking bad and there's an emphasis on the fashion of the emmys. used to be the oscars and now it's the emmys.

>> if i told her once i've told her a thousand times it's all about the nude pastels and you thought that was the case last night?

>> i did. i thought it was a refreshing take away from the bright red mermaid silhouette and sparkling dress you often see and clare danes was beautiful in this armani dress. subtle but ornately embellished. the same for january jones who had this dress custom made for her.

>> you mention the big red dress. we had that too.

>> red was a big color.

>> sophia vergara .

>> she is my favorite.

>> heidi klum by the way.

>> yeah, they just really had fun with it. sophia -- sometimes a dress wears a person, sophia wore this dress. she had so much fun and brought 20 columbian family members. she said my underwear is k-mart, you won't see it unless my dress tears and the dress looks amazing on her. it's a beautiful dress but about her in the dress.

>> it says here that you say blue was the new red this year. did you really say that?

>> i don't think i used those exact words.

>> we thought orange was the new blue but never mind that.

>> what did you see in blue that you liked?

>> i just thought there was a lot of pretty tonal variety of blue. jessica from mad men wore a gorgeous blue dress . then allison williams and tina fey wore bright cobalt blue dresses that looked lovely. he is an expert taylor that does beautiful silhouettes and she looked fantastic in that. we also saw some pretty cool prints. lena dunham was wearing prada, i think?

>> yeah. she looked great. this was a great change from that. it was this prada print and i thought lena looked great. it was a pretty dress for her and she was enjoying herself.

>> and the girl on mad men who is adorable and i think it's rare that someone who is 14 dresses their age and she really looked fun and lively. the length was great on her.

>> we don't have time for the guys. we'll have to grade tuxes.

>> nobody cares .

>> nobody cares . thank you so much.

>> thank you very much.

>> coming up, it's cher live in concert . but first, a check of your local news.