TODAY   |  September 17, 2013

Riskiest celebrity cyber search of 2013: Lily Collins

Actress Lily Collins has been ranked the most dangerous celeb to search for online in a recent study, with Avril Lavigne coming in as a close second. The list reveals the top names that cybercriminals will hack with malware, showing a high emphasis on females and musicians.

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>> to search for online. this is a list of stars who pose the biggest risk of leading you to viruses, digital viruses when you click on their name. number one, lily colins from the blind side. avril levine is number two. sandra bullock and katy perry . britney at seven. the only male name in the top ten, there you go. mad men.

>> i don't have a theory.

>> you search for john hamm . why did you do that?

>> because you told me to search for him. i didn't know why.

>> there was salacious press about him in new york.

>> and carson said google him and my computer has been broken ever since.

>> that was a year ago. you should stop.

>> stop tamron.

>> we're going back to why these particular celebrities take you to spy ware or things like that? is it opportunistic on the part of the spyware people?

>> probably. there's also more notable names that you should be careful.