TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

Look like Emma Stone or Olivia Wilde for less

Fashion and beauty expert Rebekah George shows some easy ways to get your favorite celebrities’ looks for less, demonstrating economical versions of styles worn by actresses Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.

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>> in today's style, how to dress like a celebrity without spending like one.

>> here to show us how to get in on the hottest trends and where you can buy them for a lot loss is rebecca. good morning. good to have you here.

>> good morning guys.

>> let's talk about the military look. this is all the trend from camo pants to just the olive green as you're wearing.

>> we're seeing this a lot this season. there's a few things to look for. get your basic green or camo or khaki. i like the green because it goes with every skin tone .

>> we see this on a celebrity.

>> miranda kerr .

>> let's see it for less on courtney. what we have is a green jacket from old navy. only $39 and then you want to pair it with feminine textures to make it look like a fun and flirty style. we have a shirt with a pattern and this is a skirt from american eagle . only $50. and then we added a brown bootie only $34.

>> nothing like a bootie.

>> not that kind, al.

>> we have the beautiful emma stone rocking this tartin look.

>> we're seeing it in everything from dresses to skirts. have it for this season. it can make your basic look look lively.

>> on the model for a lot less.

>> this is a shirt from kmart. pair it with a nice shirt underneath. adds femininity to it and also of course the black skinny jean and ballet flat . perfect.

>> moving on to olivia wilde and this is the extreme version of the tuxedo jacket. she looks fabulous in it.

>> she is show a little skin.

>> couldn't see it from over here.

>> a little more discreet look.

>> that's extreme.

>> they're great. they tend to be boxy. so pair it with a fitted bottom. pencil skirt . fitted pants. love these pants. they live her the slim look so add a little bit of a dressed up look we have the lace cami and the classic black pump. this is a great look because you can go day tonight.

>> that's great.

>> we have jada pinkett smith . what's this look?

>> statement coats are all the rage. we're talking bright colors and patterns. pink is really hot.

>> right.

>> this is a great trench from joan rivers available at qvc.

>> i like the leopard cuff there.

>> let your outfit underneath compliment the coat.

>> a great price for that coat too. ladies, thank you so much. and rebecca george, thank you. getting married next week.

>> next saturday.

>> well done. congratulations. we're back