TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

NeNe Leakes: I’m ‘nervous’ about new reality show

Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes is back with a new reality show, “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding,” which chronicles her remarriage to ex-husband Gregg. She says she is nervous about the premiere, because many of her family members on it haven’t been on television before.

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>>> well, she is the no nonsense star of the real housewives of atlanta. she isn't afraid to tell her like it is and her fans love her for it.

>> now she is back on tv with her husband turned ex-husband turned husband again on i dream of nene the wedding.

>> greg came crawling back to nene on his knees.

>> will you marry me again?

>> of course i would marry you.

>> thank you.

>> i love you.

>> we have a second chance at love. and let me tell you honey, it is forever. did you hear me?

>> nene leakes, good morning. greg is here. were you really on your knees greg ?

>> both of them.

>> they're still bleeding.

>> oh my gosh. wow.

>> tell us the truth.

>> so you say it's forever this time. but you said it was forever the last time. what makes this time forever forever?

>> well, i think this time -- greg and i are adults. the first time i married greg i was young. we were married for a long time.

>> 15 years.

>> that is like a marathon today.

>> it is.

>> we divorced because i felt like things weren't going the way they should go. communication wasn't the way it should be. i wasn't feeling loved and greg wasn't feeling loved and couple just stay in that relationship that way. but i felt like i divorce was needed. we're communicating better with each other. we're grown. we know what we're getting ourselves into. i know greg very well. i accept a lot of his flaws.

>> does he accept your flaws? you got to have flaws too.

>> i have no flaws.

>> none.

>> good answer.

>> good answer.

>> he's good.

>> no, i have flaws and i think greg accepts them as well.

>> i asked you when you came out here how you feel about putting this on tv. you said a little nervous.

>> i'm a little nervous because this is all about me and my husband and my children. my aunts. my family and i'm a little nervous. greg has five children from his previous marriage. they were never on the housewives ever and they have never done television before. so they were saying a lot of stuff -- they were just saying a lot. so a little nervous about it.

>> how is that different from the real housewives . the nene on real housewives of atlanta, how is she in your life?

>> i enjoyed working with my husband and kids doing i dream of nene. working with six women is really different.

>> you don't always enjoy it, i take it.

>> well, you know, everybody wake up with a different personality and attitude because they're women so they can be difficult sometimes. so that's different. i enjoy working with my family but i also enjoy working with the girls. i do.

>> word on the street is that this time around you have a high end registry in that teresa guidicie gave you something nice.

>> she did. she gave me a beautiful gift. people were talking about the gift she gave me. it was really nice and i like nice things. but there was rumors that she had given me the most expensive gift. that's not true. judge mathis gave me the most expensive gift.

>> he comes up big on the gift.

>> he married us and brought a nice gift.

>> some people question whether you should be on a registry for a second wedding. we have a poll in our orange room . let's show you what's going on.

>> you have a second wedding to the same man, don't you have all the china and all the things.

>> no.

>> you don't have all that?

>> no. you kept throwing it at him from before.

>> you broke the china.

>> is it okay to register for wedding gift ifs it's both the bride and groom's second wedding? 66% of america said no. only a third said yes.

>> what do you want to say nene.

>> that doesn't bother you.

>> no, it doesn't. if i listened to america i wouldn't have hair. in this day and time you have to do what works for you. i registered because i wanted to. i'm a bride. it was the second time around. i still was a bride. i spent more money the second time than i did the first time and there were people that wanted to give me a gift. i waited until the last minute to register. i registered like two weeks before the wedding. and i love my gifts. i'm a girl.

>> did greg get anything on that registry.

>> he did get a couple of things. he got things from william sonoma .

>> cooking and appliances.

>> yeah.

>> we'll keep you happy with that.