TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Flash flood breaks Colorado dam, 2 dead

John Schulz , Public Information Officer of the Larimer County Sheriff’s office in Colo., said a series of dams overflowed and one broke overnight, killing one, and threatening hundreds more.

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>> tell you about this breaking news when we talk about the dangerous flooding out in colorado , four to six inches of rain in short period of time and they've got some issues with dams out there.

>> that's right. one dam is broken. three other's in danger of blinking. one person is dead. this is a breaking situation.

>> we have on phone the larrimer county sheriffs office, mr. schultz, good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt.

>> we understand this one dam is broken. that's different tan breached. what can you tell me about it?

>> that's correct. a series of four dams. they have all overflowed during the evening, but recently, the meadow lake dam actually did break. the amount of water that is in there is believed to be relatively small. we are still trying to assess the impact of that at this particular time and we're awaiting to do some extrication operations. there is a handful of folks that live back in that area.

>> are they trapped right now?

>> they're stuck. yep, they're stuck and their houses are beginning to flood. but we have to maintain it with them and they're okay and safe at this particular time.

>> john, real quickly, if you can, how many people would you estimate are at risk or in danger if those other dams continue to overflow in lions and near fort collins area.

>> we sent out emergency notification to about 400 contacts in that general area to make them aware that they are bracing and the potential for the other to break.

>> all right. john schultz , again the pio for the larrimer county sheriffs department. we check back with you. john, thank you so much for the information.

>> thank you.

>> it will be a rough couple of days.

>> we are looking for three to five more inches of rain before there is over. right now we've had 8 inches of rain from the meadow lake dam to the north and northwest of boulder, colorado . boulder, itself, five to eight inches of rain. you see how much rain has fallen. more is happening. we got a spin in the upper atmosphere . so we're just going to continue to see more rain. they've already had reports of a waist water treatment plant that's been breached. so the water, the standing water there is contaminated. we have flash flood watches throughout the rockies all the way down into new mexico, where it's expecting another three to five inches of rain in the boulder/denver area. some as much as eight more inches of rain. what we are expecting is this to continue to fall. we have already seen these boulder, colorado university has been closed. the sheriffs department there asking people to stay off the roads through tomorrow. businesses are closed. schools are closed. evacuation centers are opened.

>> it will be busy for you and for the folks out in colorado . our thoughts