TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Cee Lo Green:  I embrace being the underdog

The musician and coach on “The Voice” opens up to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about his childhood and how he has turned being an underdog into his way of thriving.

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>> back now at 8:50 with cee lo green's hit off his 2010 album the lady killer . he is getting ready to return to his coach's chair on the voice this month. but right now he is focused on the release of his auto biography. good morning to you.

>> good morning to you.

>> everybody's brother. what does that title mean?

>> the way they say there's a black sheep in everybody's family. i try to do the music that's relating to everybody. the connection is the truth, you know what i'm saying? honesty brings us together.

>> no question this is a very raw and honest autobiography. you tell a lot of tales on yourself. you confess to sins and bad behavior when you were younger.

>> yeah i was one of those kids. inner city youth and finding my way but i made it surprisingly enough.

>> there was a part when you say there were many times growing up if i wonder if the big mistake was not my father dying so young but me being born at all. my body was so short and my head was too big and i dressed different so i would get picked on. you talk about being an underdog. does that feeling ever leave you?

>> it's such a feeling of endearment at this point. i make sure that i make a representation and voice for those that have been unsung and underappreciated and give them courage and acknowledgment.

>> you write about your mom. she sounded like an amazing lady. one of the first african american female firefighters. what impact do you think she had on you.

>> he's everything that i am actually. i said this on a couple of occasions. it feels as if they did not pass on but a former self-passed on and i'm alive because of their energy and investment in me. so my mother is still very much alive in my and my action and accomplishments so far.

>> you learned all about this book and your journey and it took a long time to become the cee lo green we see today. forget you. did we find out who that was written to.

>> i perform it every day and people still love it. i have a new album in stores right now. and that song was just -- it was just for fun.

>> you're excited about the voice. whose butt are you going to kick?

>> i'm going to kick blake's big country butt. that's right. i'm saying it right here. but the new season has a lot of talent. i'm very excited to be back. myself, kristina, blake and adam. it's all friendly competition.

>> one thing i learned about you in this book is that you love and really love tv theme songs.

>> yes.

>> what is one of your favorites?

>> oh, man. everything from barney miller tonig tonig tonight -- tonight court.

>> what about the love boat ?

>> samford and sons.

>> it 's wonderful . there it is.

>> yeah.

>> cee lo green. the book is called everybody's brother. it's a great way to learn more about you. we can't wait to catch you on the voice. it premieres two weeks from today right here