TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Reporter: It’s easy to give away an adoptive child

NBC News’ Kate Snow and Reuters reporter Megan Twohey say that there is very little oversight into guardianship; people can give away their adoptive children with a few forms, or via underground chat rooms.

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>> story enjoys us along with kate. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> why isn't this considered child trafficking ?

>> well, in order for it to be considered child trafficking the person taking the child has to pay for the child and many times there's no money being changed hands in these transactions.

>> but kate started her introduction by saying once you adopt a child from overseas, that child is just like your biological child . they're your child . well, a biological parent can't take their kids to a truck stop and hand them off to strangers and drive away. why are parents in this case allowed to do that?

>> well, actually parents can do that with their biological children but what's evident if you examine the rehoming network is that that's not happening. parents aren't going on and offering their biological children, they're just offering their adopted children.

>> which raises an interesting point. i think some of the parents we talked to, they feel like it's not the same as having a biological child . which in the adoption community, no one wants to think that. everyone wants it to be the same thing as when you have a biological child .

>> it's remarkably easy to get rid of an unwanted child in the united states . all you need is a power of attorney , 400 word document that's notarized where you basically sign over your child to another adult and say they're now in their custody. it's not filed anywhere. there's no court involvement. no judge.

>> i was going to say the key thing is in many cases nobody is watching over this. nobody is monitoring the websites that megan uncovered.