TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

Should you wear a bathing suit around coworkers?

As summer comes to a close, you may be looking to take advantage of the last bit of warm weather. But what happens when that involves wearing a bathing suit in front of co-workers? Thomas P. Farley, etiquette columnist for the New York Post, weighs in.

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>> meantime, with labor day almost here you may find yourself at the beach or pool pear but if it involves your coworkers would you be willing to wear a bathing suit . we asked thomas p. farley to weigh in. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we should set this up. this came up. i was on long island this weekend with my fiancee mike and matt said you should come hang out and i said great and he said the swimming is excellent right now. beautiful day . bring your suits and swim to which i said are you kidding me? there is no way in a thousand years.

>> the way we said it we can't say it on the air.

>> i was like no way i'm not getting in a bathing suit in front of you and you thought that was bizarre.

>> if it's a gorgeous day and i hadn't been there would you have taken advantage and gone swimming in the bay alone and if the answer was yes, why wouldn't you do it in front of me. we know each other very well. that's when i said it's a girl/guy thing. you don't understand.

>> this could be an awkward situation. you're accustomed to being around each other in different attire. you want to make sure it's professional and can have fun but you don't want to be miley cyrus the next day.

>> but you're not going to be twerking at the pool.

>> or anywhere for that matter. tamron what do you feel about this.

>> i think it boils down to whether you wear a one piece or two piece. i would never wear a two piece in front of coworkers. put you're still being friendly. you're friends after all.

>> i wear it. i would feel bad for the folks watching. but i'd wear it.

>> we went out on the bay and it was, i think my 12-year-old son who was with us who finally convinced savannah to actually put the bathing suit on and take a very quick dive in the water.

>> which i have now allowed us to show for five seconds and five seconds only.

>> that was the skinny dipping shot.

>> looks like it.

>> and that is it. get rid of it.

>> you can't see anything.

>> you're in the water.

>> you're in the water.

>> if anything, mike is showing more skin.

>> i know.

>> go to the underwater view that i took.

>> there was a better shot. you gave them the worse shot. go ahead and show them the shot.

>> do you or don't you want people to see --

>> sounds like you do.

>> they don't have it.

>> there it is.

>> nice.

>> i know. that's the one you should be showing.

>> let me tell you, on our website, it was like 70% said they would not wear one. men were more willing. chuck todd tweeted about this. what say you.

>> this is what i get for opening my big mouth on twitter? i have to stop. i have to unfollow the "today" show. there was no chance. this is why god invented the swim shirt . there is no way. i put on a shirt the minute my kid's parents come over to pick up kids if i'm watching the group swimming. there's no way. i won't do it in front of them. no way in front of you guys. i didn't like seeing you in gym clothes savannah.

>> thank you.

>> none of that.

>> no way i'm taking my shirt off. i'm not doing it in front of lauer and i can't believe feldman did. the guy is 100 years old and in better shape than i am.

>> why accept the invite if you're not going to participate.

>> i did.

>> you have to bring a sense of fun.

>> oh, look at that.

>> hello.

>> take that off. go ahead.

>> you have nothing to worry about. if you're going -- the girls are going for a girls day at the beach and the guys, that's a little bit different but when you have a co-ed situation, especially with a boss. so tryon the bathing suit before you go to the beach and make sure you look okay in it and watch the sun block . don't have your boss applying the sun block .

>> she asked my 12-year-old son.

>> no, i didn't.

>> that is a little weird.

>> thomas, thank you.

>> he'll be out of therapy in six or seven years. don't worry about it. coming up, creative ways to save when it comes to school supplies after your local news.