TODAY   |  August 24, 2013

Bus driver saves students after brakes fail

A Florida school bus went on a wild ride as the brakes failed, and the chaos was caught on camera. After the bus careened for a mile, the driver was finally able to stop it, and no one was hurt. The incident comes as several school bus accidents have made headlines, but experts say that is common in August and September.

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>>> heading back to school, parents must put their trust in school bus drivers to get them there and bring them home. one bus drivers quick actions helped to save students on board. the chaotic moments that followed were caught on tape. here is dennis.

>> reporter: students at a boca raton high school will not forget.

>> it was a scary moment. i was so nervous about everything that was going on.

>> reporter: filled with kids, a school bus out of control and careening down the street against traffic. a cell phone camera captured the sounds of panicked students as the driver dodged oncoming cars for a mile.

>> we were trying to get help. everyone is honking and waving at us like we are playing a joke or something.

>> the driver was finally able to stop the bus. no one is hurt and the district is investigating. parents remain concerned.

>> i don't know what to do about taking the bus now. if that's how buses are kept, it's a problem.

>> reporter: also in florida, an 8-year-old girl was hit by a car after getting off her bus. she was treated for a head injury and released. the safety administration reports 17 children die in school bus related accidents each year. pictures like this of a bus on fire in sarasota this week make parents shutter. fortunately, no students were on board.

>> there's not a lot of wiring left but we are examining it.

>> reporter: school bus accidents pick up in august and september.

>> rather be in a car. i don't think i'm going to ride the bus anymore.

>> reporter: for "today," janet chanling, nbc