TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Which would you rescue: Your dog or a stranger?

A new study reports that given the choice between saving their own dog or a distant cousin or stranger from an oncoming bus, many people would choose the dog.

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>>> trending on the wall street journal , a new study that proves how much we love our dogs. heres the scenario. you see a bus hurdling out of control heading for a dog and a human. which do you save? you would think this would be human.

>> easy question to answer.

>> right. actually for most people the answer was it depends on who it is. if the person were a sibling, grandparent or close friend, everyone chose the person over the dog. but then if you said no, it's a distance cousin or a stranger from your hometown, people said they would save the dog. i don't know. and when it came to foreign tourists 40% said they would save their own dog before the tourist.

>> was that in new york?

>> a thousand things we could say about that. let's not