TODAY   |  August 17, 2013

On his day off, Lester visits the plaza in bicycle shorts

TODAY’s Lester Holt has been absent on recent weekends while he fills in for NBC’s Brian Williams, but he stopped by the TODAY plaza on his bicycle to say hello. Holt’s co-anchors complimented him on his calves. “I didn’t come here to be...objectified,” he said.

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>> nice to have you with us this morning especially on this beautiful day in new york city . you know who is joining us? i think he's arriving now on his bike. lester holt .

>> hey, guys.

>> lester !

>> this is what you do when you have a weekend morning off?

>> just another day off. my rear-view mirror. i have been filling in for brian who has been recovering from his knee jury. he's got a blog. that's why i'm not here.

>> to promote yourself?

>> to promote myself.

>> did you see i bought the ladies corsages? you have competition here.

>> very nice.

>> you are taking time off, you can think about what you would like to bring to the desk.

>> when i come back? i don't know. bike accessories.

>> i got you on dvr. i will watch when i get home.

>> better that you are here. we miss you. not that we don't love having you. i know there's more than one person in this crowd hoping to see lester this morning.

>> no, no, no. don't do that. i'm not working. i'm off right now.

>> lester in a rare bike shorts . bicycle shorts . it is the first you have broke those out on national television. thank you for that.

>> it's the summer of cal vs, you know.

>> oh, it is.

>> i didn't come here to be --

>> object fied?

>> yeah, that's the word. thanks for doing this. i will be back tomorrow. just putting the schedule for the summer. i'll be back.

>> it's rare that i get a --

>> we miss you, but we are happy you are able to enjoy the morning.

>> i love the look. i love the athletic look. i can't.

>> remember, training.

>> a very small part of it. you look great.

>> thank you.

>> nice to see you.

>> can we give you our coffee order now?

>> sure, no problem.

>> we'll get to that in a minute.