TODAY   |  August 16, 2013

Gregory: Congress feeling pressure to pull Egypt aid

“Meet the Press,” host David Gregory says the Congress is feeling the pressure to pull the more than a billion dollars in aid the U.S. gives to Egypt after more than 500 people were killed in violent protests in Cairo.

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>> the real point of leverage is the $1.3 billion in u.s. aid to egypt . any chance the u.s. with draws that aid? if it did would it lose the influence it still has left?

>> that's the real question. they call that a move at this point, they're trying to calibrate up the president's response and administrations response. you have both members of congress, republicans and democrats starting to sound more angry. the egyptian military is putting them in a impossible situation. they have to give $1 billion to egypt and a lot to the military when they are responsible for the deaths on our tv screens. they want that leverage over the military and it's tied to the money.

>> they want the money. at the same time we're still giving the money and the u.s. asked the generals not to engage in this violent crack down repeatedly and they went ahead and did it. john mccain said the military in egypt is ignoring us.

>> that's striking, the best part of the relationship between the united states and egypt is the military to military relationship. remember, it's the military that stabilizes things. the top members of the government, security of state john kerry and others felt when morsi was ousted they had this under control. they would quickly get back to a democratic path. now they have got to do it and do it quickly. the administration still has the faith in the military but they're losing it day by day as the imagines play out.

>> quickly, the u.s. is being blamed on the egyptian streets by both sides. they're trying to walk this line but getting no credit for it.

>> right. what is american influence right now? what is the u.s. prepared to do? the u.s. doesn't want to be seen trying to engineer a political outcome. where is u.s. clout right now? people are asking that question.

>> you more on "meet the press" as well as the stop and frisk policy with ray kelly .

>>> it's easy to think while the entire city of cairo and entire country of egypt is coming apart at the scenes yet there's a picture on twitter making the rounds that shows even as the smoke rises in one part of cairo, people in the other part of the city going about their business there on the beach.

>> it's striking, that photo.