TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Heidi Klum: I want to be ‘queen of Halloween’

The mom, supermodel, and reality show star talks about the current season of “America’s Got Talent” and the 12th season of “Project Runway” as well as her sometimes provocative presence on Instagram and her love of extravagant Halloween costumes.

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>> super model, businesswoman,eali tv shoes and judge on amica'sot talent and busy mothe of four kids.

>> ut she is also a master instagramer posting fun and provocative pictures of herself r her follows.

>> i've seen the ctures. you' making everye jealous seei those pictures.

>> said by the woman that got into a t-shirt for a 5-year-old. but i d nook gd in it bu anyw, tse pictures of you areamazg.

>> wha am i lking at here now.

>> lky tree.

>> look out now.

>> this n a self obviousl

>> my mom took that photo. we were on hidaygether.

>> i do this for m facebk or instagram o twitter accoun it rlly for m fans. shows photos.

>> yes.

>> when i'm onroject run way.

>> you have a lot of time o your hands.

>> sometimes is about hair and make up and stiometimes it's t.

>> y really know howo strike the pose stl.

>> thank you. i'm having fun . it's for the fans that follow me. never thought ty would ben tv all over theplace.

>> now they are.

>> yh the are.

>> you als put one up of you face caked in mud. you're a big halloween person. you tow the big party and dress up in these kwocostumes.

>> 'm having myace cast alread because it's going to very difficult makup job and bi is creing somethingor my face.

>> any his?

>> it's going to be ugly.

>> wow.

>> ugly and scary at the same time do you have a favorite over th years you've had s many incredible costumes.

>> i love them all but in e beginning i've done it now for 14 years because wante to be the queen of halloween for new york because years ago felt like tre w ner reay a real costume pty where people all dreup. i tell all theeople if y don't dress up, you're not gettin in. so i thought as bng the host i have to really make iteally ecial so every year i try to ou do myself.

>> you have a way t go there. speaking of hosting, you're one of the hts of "america's got talent yore in the live poron of the show. sohow that different than the audions?

>> it goesy so fast. 2 hours of le show is so quk. normally weere like four days when we wen to a city like new orleans o san antonio . you see 30 to 40 acts at the end of the day . at the end of t day is a blur. andow we really just narrowe it down to the 12 bes every week. so it's like one great act after e next. and then the next day on wednesday, i gets cut down to only fou people out of 12hich is shocking many good one leave. last week i was verypset because so many that i loved left us, you know, like the bootysong i loved em. i thoug ty were a lot of fun. i also lov the sword swallower . evenhough he was aittle bit dangerous and maybe it was for the better becausee could have hurt himself going forwar but i had never seen anything like it befo. there's so many tngs'v never seen before.

>> that and projectrunway you have the best gig going.

>> you and the other judge he a cool chemistry. u' on hoe's tbs sho tonight.

>> actlly on weesday. so after elimination on americs got talent he has a ne show called deal . y, howie. knowou're watching m right now. love you and i'll see you ter. yore giving people w don't know, you just ask them and i don't say do you want to play th me for i tnk it was $5,000

>> it's a prank show.

>> you put an ear piece in them and they run off doing czy things you tel tm todo it's a lot of fun. all right. heid klum. a l going on i yrlife. we loveatin upith yo you n cchamerica's got talent tonight and tomorrow night at 9:00,8:00 central o